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Glory clouds are supposed manifestations of The Holy Spirit.

In churches such as Bethel, people report a cloud of fog entering the room, along with being covered with gold dust or finding gem stones.

The gold dust and gem stones have been tested and proven fake, but people are still being deceived today.


The common proof verses for glory clouds are Isaiah 60:1-5 and Exodus 34:29-35, neither of the two have anything to do with glory clouds or gold dust.

Isaiah 60:1-5 is a prophecy about the first coming of Jesus Christ and the Church of the new covenant.

Exodus 34:29-35 mentions the face of Moses shining, so they twist it around to make the verses about gold dust, yet this verse shows how cheap of a counterfeit this gold dust really is, the Israelites were scared of Moses because of how his face shown, he even had to cover his face when in front of them!

Compare that to some glitter.


The glory of God is terrifying, all throughout Scripture we see that men would fall flat on their face when experiencing just a glimpse of God. Yet God's glory is some cloud and glitter that's hard to wash off? Ridiculous!


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