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Community Information

We encourage new members to post a short introduction of themselves in this Christian forum category. Get to know each other and share your common interests or tell us what church you go to etc.
Topics: 440 Posts: 3,731
440 3,731
New Old Guy On The Block
Testimonies (50/322)
Technical information and announcements about our Christian forums.
Topics: 180 Posts: 783
Last Post: Question about PM's
180 783
Question about PM's

General Discussions

Christian news - breaking headlines from around the United States and the world. Trending hot topics in Christianity.
Topics: 2,182 Posts: 7,475
2,182 7,475
United States (280/2,129)
World (83/589)
Positive News (37/140)
Christian Satire (360/859)
A Christian forum to join in general communication with people from around the world.
Topics: 255 Posts: 2,173
255 2,173
Strong's corcordance
by Faber
Use this prayer board to post your prayer requests and praises, or respond in prayer to other's requests.
Topics: 176 Posts: 1,465
176 1,465
Even So
Prayer Request for Origen
by Even So
Ok, here is where you can post just about anything about any topic at all!
Topics: 640 Posts: 3,761
640 3,761
Military (391/611)

Christian Community

Faith discussions: improve your walk with the Lord, build up your prayer life, grow in your faith, love others in your church, and other general faith type discussions.
Topics: 724 Posts: 5,511
Last Post: Denominationism
724 5,511
by Matto
Baptist (41/364)
Calvary Chapel (12/38)
Lutheran (24/189)
Methodist (2/22)
Pentecostal (5/135)
Other (44/602)
Apologetics may be simply defined as the defense of the Christian faith. The word "apologetics" derives from the Greek word apologia, which was originally used as a speech of defense.
Topics: 611 Posts: 3,552
611 3,552
Why I left Scofieldism
by Anto9us
Baptism (41/576)
Christian History (209/326)
Enhance and deepen your study of God's Word by asking Bible questions and sharing your answers.
Topics: 599 Posts: 4,154
599 4,154
Hell's Population Clock
Devotionals (63/174)
New Testament (124/894)
Old Testament (50/272)
Discussions related to the end times and Bible prophecy.
Topics: 149 Posts: 1,983
Last Post: Premillennialism
149 1,983
reformed baptist
Amillennialism (55/580)
Premillennialism (11/321)
Dos and Don'ts, all we need to know is the Bible; however, not all is covered explicitly. Discuss how Christians should act or what they should do when facing divorce, smoking, and other issues.
Topics: 147 Posts: 1,727
147 1,727
Discuss science topics such as creation and evolution and how they relate to Christianity.
Topics: 266 Posts: 1,826
Last Post: Bible Science Guy
266 1,826
Bible Science Guy
by CDF47


Join with others to discuss God and/or the Biblical Doctrine of the Trinity (Godhead). Discuss the attributes and characteristics of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Topics: 99 Posts: 922
Last Post: God’s hatred
99 922
Bill Taylor
God’s hatred
There is something healthy about returning to one’s roots. When it comes to evangelical Christianity, its roots are found in the soil of the sixteenth-century Protestant Reformation.
Topics: 389 Posts: 1,334
389 1,334


A place for limited moderation of a formal discussion between two people on a particular topic in a public meeting, in which opposing arguments are put forward.
Topics: 38 Posts: 1,461
38 1,461
A limited moderation forum for political contestation between two persons, in which they take different sides of a question, and maintain them, respectively, by facts and arguments; or it is a discussion, in writing, of some contested point.
Topics: 20 Posts: 401
20 401

Soteriology (Controversial Doctrines)

Arianism is the nontrinitarian, heterodoxical teaching, first attributed to Arius (c. AD 250–336), a Christian presbyter in Alexandria, Egypt.
Topics: 17 Posts: 77
17 77
Pelagianism is the belief that original sin did not taint human nature and that mortal will is still capable of choosing good or evil without special Divine aid.
Topics: 14 Posts: 172
14 172
Arminianism is a system of belief that attempts to explain the relationship between God's sovereignty and mankind's free will, especially in relation to salvation. Arminianism is named after Jacob Arminius (1560—1609), a Dutch theologian.
Topics: 15 Posts: 94
15 94
The Protestant theological system of John Calvin and his successors, which develops Luther's doctrine of justification by faith alone and emphasizes the grace of God and the doctrine of predestination.
Topics: 49 Posts: 587
49 587
Christian Universalism is a school of Christian theology which includes the belief in the doctrine of universal reconciliation, the view that all human beings and fallen angels will ultimately be restored to right relationship with God in Heaven.
Topics: 12 Posts: 218
12 218
Is Universalism Biblical?
by Randy
Perfectionism is a doctrine holding that religious, moral, social, or political perfection is attainable, especially the theory that human moral or spiritual perfection should be or has been attained.
Topics: 11 Posts: 208
Last Post: I am perfection...
11 208
I am perfection...

Christian Ministries (Christian Only)

The Christian life is a personal intimate relationship between you and Christ. This life begins in faith (Ephesians 2:8-9) and can only be lived by faith.
Topics: 61 Posts: 615
61 615
What are we thankful for?
by JoeyH
The forum for teaching, teachers and teachers-to-be.
Topics: 32 Posts: 190
32 190
A forum to discuss the world of missions and evangelism. We believe that every individual and every church should be deeply committed both to local evangelism and to global missions.
Topics: 33 Posts: 282
33 282
A Christian disciple is a person who accepts and assists in the spreading of the good news of Jesus Christ.
Topics: 20 Posts: 114
20 114
My walk with my Lord
by Becky
Spiritual warfare is the Christian concept that the Devil and demons attempt to thwart Good and the will of God.
Topics: 36 Posts: 272
36 272
What are we doing when we gather corporately and sing our praise to God? What is our intent? What is it that we believe we are achieving?
Topics: 14 Posts: 104
14 104

General Secular Topics

Why should Christians feed a company and help it stay in business, “knowing that it is going to use money to support an anti-Christian agenda?”
Topics: 13 Posts: 196
13 196
Moral principles that govern a person's or group's behavior
Topics: 171 Posts: 520
171 520
The study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, esp. when considered as an academic discipline
Topics: 10 Posts: 132
Last Post: Reality as illusion
10 132
Reality as illusion
by 2404
The process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth
Topics: 11 Posts: 183
Last Post: The apes
11 183
The apes
If you want to discuss atheism, agnosticism, and secular humanism in general, this forum is the place to be! Got any news / activism related to the atheist movement?
Topics: 21 Posts: 462
21 462
The branch of science that deals with celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole
Topics: 14 Posts: 202
Last Post: UFOs
14 202
Sue D.
by Sue D.
UFO's (6/131)
The study of human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites and the analysis of artifacts
Topics: 12 Posts: 27
12 27
Evidence of the Prophet Isaiah?
by CDF47
The deliberate termination of a human pregnancy
Topics: 426 Posts: 832
426 832
Just Mike
Abortion and Rape Victims

Christian Life

Discuss everything from courtship to dating and friends and co-workers to the in-laws. (This forum is for discussing ALL relationships, not just romantic ones.)
Topics: 23 Posts: 293
23 293
Discuss how to be the helpmate that God intended for your spouse.
Topics: 74 Posts: 591
74 591
Parenting (28/127)
Someone to laugh with, someone to cry with, someone who understands. We live there too. NO PERSONAL ADS
Topics: 20 Posts: 89
20 89
Has god chosen you to be single
by Watcher
Offer comprehensive advice on almost any subject from Christianity through to the Bible, sex, dating, singleness and marriage, ect...
Topics: 29 Posts: 271
29 271
Trying to get past hurts

Entertainment and Fun

Come share a laugh with a joke, one-liners, funny stories, and thread games.
Topics: 67 Posts: 184
Last Post: New Bodies
67 184
New Bodies
by 2404
Discuss popular authors and favorite books. Use this forum for book and reading discussion that doesn't fall into another category. Talk about books, genres, reading issues, general literature, and any other topic of particular interest to readers.
Topics: 40 Posts: 143
40 143
10 books on a desert island.
by GaoLu
The most famous poets and all others who share the poet's faith and vision.
Topics: 23 Posts: 26
Last Post: The Peoples Barn
23 26
The Peoples Barn
Discuss your favorite flicks as well as hot new releases.
Topics: 71 Posts: 228
71 228
Looking for a new show to watch? We can quibble about where it stands in the TV canon. Discuss your favorite TV shows.
Topics: 62 Posts: 138
Last Post: Illuminati?
62 138
Join Christian music fans from around the world to talk about your favorite artists, songs, gear, concerts, worship experiences, and more.
Topics: 69 Posts: 260
69 260
Favorite hymns and songs.
by deade
Tap the technical and computer knowledge of other experienced users. Find information on computers and technological topics.
Topics: 60 Posts: 328
60 328
Fitness, nutrition and medical information for men and women that will help you get active, eat right and improve your overall wellbeing. Share your health and fitness concerns and get support and advice.
Topics: 41 Posts: 297
Last Post: Baseball
41 297
Even So
by Even So
Sports & Hobbies (19/114)

Latest Topics


  • Is the witch hunt finally about over?
    by Uncle Siggy
    Rudy Hired to Negotiate Graceful Exit — for the Establishment

    RUSH: The New York Post: “Rudy Giuliani Joins Trump Legal Team, Hopes to End Russia Probe in ‘A Week or Two.'” He said that. Now, full disclosure, I know Rudy Giuliani. I play golf with Rudy Giuliani. We sometimes talk politics while playing golf. No, he’s never sent me a bill. I’ve never asked Rudy for legal advice.

    In fact, we did meet one time at the Havana Club in Manhattan when he was thinking about running for president, and he was asking me what I thought would be important in his agenda for reaching out beyond the Northeast. And I told him. But he did not send a bill. I did not send a bill. I’m telling people this ’cause I know Rudy.

    I’ve attended water volleyball games with Rudy Giuliani. I have known Rudy for many, many moons. And I have played golf. I have given Rudy cigar lighters. I have given Rudy a cigar holder for the golf cart. I’m not making excuses because...
    04-21-2018, 04:59 AM
  • Laugh of the Day
    by Uncle Siggy
    Keith Ellison: ‘Women Are Dying’ because Democrats Are Losing Elections

    Representative Keith Ellison made a plea to Democratic voters this week, saying “Women are dying because we are losing elections” at an event hosted by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

    “We don’t have the right to lose a election. We have to win. We have to win,” the DNC vice chairman said at the event, adding that maternal mortality is rising in states such as Texas and Missouri.

    The Minnesota Democrat, a proponent of single-payer healthcare, was apparently talking about GOP efforts to chip away at Obamacare. Republicans in December eliminated the individual insurance mandate, an unpopular part of the law that required individuals to pay a fine if they chose to opt out of purchasing health insurance.

    Rest of the article is at the link: Keith Ellison: 'Women Are Dying' Because Democrats Lose Elections | National Review...
    04-21-2018, 04:29 AM
  • Is it time for HRC to just shut up and go away?
    by Civilwarbuff
    Hillary Clinton claimed 'they were never going to let me be president,' new book says

    According to the book, during one conversation on the subject, Clinton reportedly said, “You know, I am getting pretty tired of hearing about how nobody likes me.”

    And on election night in November, The Daily Beast said Chozick wrote that when Mook was allegedly tasked with notifying Clinton of the results, she reportedly replied: “I knew it. I knew this would happen to me …” the Daily Beast said.

    “They were never going to let me be president,” Clinton was reportedly quoted as saying.

    The book will be released on Tuesday.
    More here:
    Hillary Clinton claimed 'they were never going to let me be president,' new book says | Fox News...
    04-21-2018, 04:12 AM
  • Navy's COBRA Anti-mine Program Reaches Milestone
    by News Feeder
    The second-phase operational testing of the Coastal Battlefield Reconnaissance and Analysis (COBRA) system is completed.

    04-21-2018, 04:10 AM
  • Question about PM's
    by Civilwarbuff
    How do I remove a person from an established PM?
    04-21-2018, 02:50 AM
  • Strong's corcordance
    in Lounge
    by reformed baptist
    Strong's concordance is an excellent resource when used as intended - however when it's use is stretched beyond that intention it can actually become somewhat dangerous - and using strongs concordance to determine the meaning of a word is one such danger - and sister (I am sorry if this sounds condescending) but anyone with even a basic knowledge of languages understands the difference between a concordance and a lexicon - the following article is a little technical in places but it a good explanation of the danger relating to how Strong's concordance is used nowadays:
    The Strong's Concordance is a helpful tool that lists every Hebrew and Greek lemma (root word) present in the King James Bible. Along with listing these, the tool also generally gives a 'gloss' for each word (some tools actually link Strong's Concordance to lexicons such as Thayer's Greek-English lexicon). The tool is popular because it is free on many Bible-related websites. With that said, I'd like to give some advice (and
    04-19-2018, 11:25 PM
  • Independent Baptist Churches and position on Reformed Theology
    in Baptist
    by JoeyH
    Where do IFB, KJV only churches usually stand on this matter? The pastor of the church I have attended for years sometimes sounds very sympathetic towards Calvinism except on Limited Atonement doctrine....
    04-20-2018, 03:36 PM
  • The Everlasting Gospel
    by Zuno_Yazh
    †. Rev 14:6-7 . . And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people, announcing with a loud voice: Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.

    The everlasting gospel is very elementary. Pretty much all it says is:

    1• There's a supreme being.

    2• He deserves respect.

    3• There's a frightful reckoning looming on the horizon, and

    4• The cosmos-- all of its forms of life, matter, and energy --is the product of intelligent design.

    Of particular interest to me is the inclusion of water in the everlasting gospel. Scientists theorize the origin of the earth's amazing quantity of water without really knowing exactly where it came from, nor how it got here. Well;...
    04-18-2018, 03:52 AM
  • The Characteristics of Christ's Resurrection
    by Zuno_Yazh
    There lacks a universal consensus regarding the nature of Jesus Christ's resurrection.

    Some believe that his dead body was restored to life as it was to begin with.

    Others believe that his dead body was restored to life as a glorified body.

    Still others believe that Christ's dead body is still dead, and its remains squirreled away somewhere on earth in a condition and a location known only to God so that Jesus could return to life as a spirit being disguised in a fully functioning human avatar; scars and all-- plus the capability to eat common foods.
    04-18-2018, 03:22 PM
  • Navy, Marine Leaders: No Problem with Transgender Troops
    by News Feeder
    Gen. Robert Neller, commandant of the Marine Corps, told the Senate Armed Services Committee that some of his commanders have said there are no problems at all. Others, he said, say they're spending "a lot of time" with transgender individuals as they work through medical requirements involving the transition from birth gender to preferred gender.

    04-20-2018, 01:23 PM
  • San Francisco Church to Hold 'Beyonce Mass'
    by News Feeder
    San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral will hold a special mass on April 25 where parishioners can come and sing their “Beyonce favorites.”

    04-20-2018, 06:43 PM
  • Christian Groups Warn New 'Conversion Therapy' Bill Could Suppress Free Speech
    by News Feeder
    The California Assembly approved a bill that would made “conversion therapy” subject to the state’s consumer protection laws.

    04-20-2018, 06:33 PM
  • California Bill Threatens Religious Freedom of Those Who Oppose Homosexuality
    by William
    A bill quickly moving through the California state legislature may threaten the religious freedom of those who object to homosexuality.

    Jim Daly, the president of Christian ministry Focus on the Family, wrote a blog post alerting Christians to the implications of this bill, which is known as Assembly Bill 2943.

    The bill amends California’s “Consumer Legal Remedies Act” to include “sexual orientation change efforts.”

    Daly breaks down the implications of this bill and how it could adversely affect Christians.

    “For example, a simple monetary transaction – buying a book about overcoming homosexuality, or paying a counselor for help with gender confusion – would trigger AB 2943.”

    Thus, those who believe homosexuality is a sin could face legal repercussions from monetary transactions having to do with this belief.

    “To put it simply,” writes Daley, “Christian schools, churches and others who...
    04-16-2018, 09:13 PM
  • Democratic Party files lawsuit alleging Russia, the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks conspired to disrupt the 2016...
    by Civilwarbuff
    The Democratic National Committee filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit Friday against the Russian government, the Trump campaign and the WikiLeaks organization alleging a far-reaching conspiracy to disrupt the 2016 campaign and tilt the election to Donald Trump.

    The complaint, filed in federal district court in Manhattan, alleges that top Trump campaign officials conspired with the Russian government and its military spy agency to hurt Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and help Trump by hacking the computer networks of the Democratic Party and disseminating stolen material found there.

    “During the 2016 presidential campaign, Russia launched an all-out assault on our democracy, and it found a willing and active partner in Donald Trump’s campaign,” DNC Chairman Tom Perez said in a statement.

    “This constituted an act of unprecedented treachery: the campaign of a nominee for President of the United States in league with a hostile...
    04-20-2018, 07:55 AM
  • The Week Ahead in Defense: April 16, 2018
    by News Feeder
    Here are five news stories and events to start your week, from the editors at Military.com.

    04-16-2018, 01:57 AM
  • Op-Ed: You Either Die An SJW, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become A Bigot
    by News Feeder
    Starbucks is one of the most progressive companies on planet earth. Everybody knows that, mainly because we tout it every chance we get. We’ve always been a bastion of liberal open-mindedness. We’ve bent over backwards to openly celebrate every single cause that has paraded itself under the banner of social justice in the 31 years […]

    The post Op-Ed: You Either Die An SJW, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become A Bigot appeared first on The Babylon Bee.

    04-20-2018, 09:48 AM
  • On 9th Anniversary of Shooting, Columbine High School Principal Recalls How God Worked a Miracle
    by News Feeder
    Today marks the ninth anniversary of the horrific shooting at Columbine High School in which 15 people, including the perpetrators, lost their lives. The former principal of Columbine High School recently shared how God looked out for him and students he was trying to protect on that fateful day.

    04-20-2018, 06:29 AM
  • Trump Says Unless North Korea Summit 'Fruitful' He'll Pull Out
    by News Feeder
    President Trump said that although he's looking ahead to a historic summit meeting with Kim Jong Un he could still pull out.

    04-20-2018, 01:05 AM
  • Resurrection By Christ
    by Zuno_Yazh
    †. Col 3:1-4 . . Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory.

    That verse says Christ's believing followers are accounted already resurrected, i.e. past tense; but were you to investigate, you'd discover that their current physical status is unchanged. The reason being that their resurrection spoken of in that passage is via joint principles in Christ's resurrection.

    The primary advantage of Christ's resurrection is immortality (Rom 6:9).

    So, if Col 3:1-4 is true and reliable, then Christ's believing followers have immortality in the bag; i.e. it's a done deal; and that's really good no know because should one of them trip over a rock or something and accidentally...
    04-19-2018, 08:22 AM
  • Local Teen Adamant That Church WiFi Speed Is A Gospel Issue
    by News Feeder
    SARASOTA, FL—After suffering under Pipeline Church’s “redonkulously slow” 3 Mbps internet connection for years, local teen Xander Medford finally got an appointment with Pastor John Wylie, at which the youth passionately argued that upgrading the church’s WiFi is actually a gospel issue. The teenager calls himself a “social activist” who advocates for important gospel-centered causes […]

    The post Local Teen Adamant That Church WiFi Speed Is A Gospel Issue appeared first on The Babylon Bee.

    04-19-2018, 09:12 PM
  • My testimony
    by JoeyH
    I thought it was about time I wrote it. When I became an official member of my local Baptist church several years ago I gave a very censored version and several were quite surprised. ( IFB people who have been brought up in church all their lives find testimonies like mine strange.) I will go into more detail here.

    *Catholic upbringing
    i was brought up in a Catholic household. My mother was Catholic, father Anglican (non-practising). I went to Catholic schools, attended Mass every Sunday. I had nuns teach me all about religion BEFORE Roman Catholic teaching became more inclusive of non-Catholics. I enjoyed RE classes and even briefly considered geing a nun.

    Despite that outward religiousness my mother was interested in numerology and was convinced she had ESP. She was quite convincing about that at times. She also was quite unbalanced for several reasons and as a result my household was constantly over-serious and walking on eggshells all the time. ...
    04-19-2018, 02:20 PM
  • Southwest Airlines Pilot Lauded as Hero for Handling Crisis
    by News Feeder
    Tammie Jo Shults, one of the first female fighter pilots in the Navy, is being lauded as a hero in an emergency landing.

    04-19-2018, 03:32 PM
  • New Bible Seeks to Connect Modern and Ancient Israel
    by News Feeder
    A new Hebrew-English Bible with a distinctly Israeli flavor will be published in honor of Israel’s 70th anniversary.

    04-19-2018, 03:22 PM
  • Church Partners with Facebook to Further Community Outreach
    by News Feeder
    While some churches are decrying Facebook’s bias against conservatives and Christians, one megachurch is actually partnering with Facebook in an effort to better connect with their congregation and community.

    04-19-2018, 03:00 PM
  • Greetings!
    by JoeyH
    Hello everyone. I am an Australian, ex-Catholic, ex-Charismatic now Baptist woman. I am married to an atheist man and have atheist sons. I have no Christians in my biological family (nominal Catholics) or in-laws either.

    However in my small town God has blessed me with a bible-believing Church. As I got to know the women more I realised that despite our many differences, different upbringing and lifestyles God gave me what I really needed....
    04-18-2018, 07:21 PM
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