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JoAnne Rosario

Blood of Christ!!!!

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Just wanted to share with all Christians believers a thought from the heart that in meditation in Christ I had.


-When Jesus was at the cross, do we really understand what the scriptures tells us, at the part

where it says "Instead, one of the soldiers pierced Jesus' side with a spear, bringing a sudden flow of blood and water"


I believe that there is not one exact explanation in our times to the power that lays behind the actual happening of this image, but as i think of the meaning of water i think more and more about its possible interpretation. Water along with His blood is the interpretation of TRUTH and POWER!

For me water when I think about it, as to what the substance represents is truth. As John speaks about it when he says in his testimony to what Jesus told the people "I am the truth..." As we know God is pure, he does not have filters. He do not have another explainable concept other than divine. The relation of truth is that God showed his humanity, he shed blood for all of us. Like the scriptures says he did not chose for who to die for, He did it once and for all. God bless all of you...





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I think of the blood and water as life (water) and sacrefice (blood). When Christ blood was poured out on the cross life was poured out as well. Christ died to give us life, words can't describe how great our Lord is!

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