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John Calvin puts forward a very simple reason why love is the greatest gift: “Because faith and hope are our own: love is diffused among others.” In other words, faith and hope benefit the possessor, but love always benefits another. In John 13:34–35 Jesus says, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Love always requires an “other” as an object; love cannot remain within itself, and that is part of what makes love the greatest gift.
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Police shooting of unarmed men

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Here's links to recent stories with videos of a couple of police shootings of unarmed men: [the videos included in these stories are graphic]






In our twisted world a violent thug like Michael Brown, of Ferguson Missouri is celebrated as a victim when an officer shoots him in self-defense. But, people really do die unnecessarily because of cops with guns.


I’ve been wondering if pressure on police has actually caused more people to die. Consider, pepper spray and tazers are really nothing more than annoyances to people targeted. But, a billy club or a choke hold can subdue a resisting suspect. When these tools are removed from the police arsenal, as they have been, that pretty much leaves shooting the suspect if he resists.


The poor kid who was pulled over for flashing his high beams (the cop knew why he was flashed, as he had pulled over other people flashing him because they thought the cop had high beams on) ended up dead because he was stupid and the because cop was deprived of other tools. I don’t think that kid was a violent type, but when hit by a tazer, his self-defense fight instinct kicked in. The kid would still be alive if the cop could have put him in a choke hold.


Also, the cop was cold and matter-of-fact with the kid. I’m wondering if the cop took a more friendly tone with the scared kid if things would have turned out different. But, with the spot light on cops, really a witch hunt, they retreat to cold professionalism. Not only does the cop have to wear a camera, but the video can be publically released to the public, even for no reason at all.


The cop did unnecessarily escalate the situation, but he was just doing his job. It’s better to do your job and shoot someone than be branded unprofessional, from a practical point of view, especially if something does go wrong.


The second video, of the man being shot outside a convenience store, is tragic in a different way. The cop had reason to think the man had a gun. But, the man was unarmed and momentarily confused about what was going on. Maybe cops should be asked to take more risks, in exchange for crimes against cops being dealt with yet more harshly. As well as dealing more harshly with those who plot to make the jobs of police more difficult. No more of that racist #blacklivesmatter -- its organizers need to be treated as the toxic degenerates that they are.





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Other criteria could also be said to lead to unnecessary force. For example, when I grew up the criteria in my home state was that a State Trooper needed to be at least 6 ft tall. I can't imagine the only options a female officer now-a-days would have in order to subdue a suspect. Clearly people of small stature are at a disadvantage on avg. Leaving them no other options but to unholster additional forms of force. I realize that Hollywood likes to portray a darling actor as a law enforcement officer or service member, flipping a large male from here to there, but I doubt that that is actually the way it works. Though I have no doubt that it is Hollywood's agenda to alter the public's perception.


Maybe cops should be asked to take more risks, in exchange for crimes against cops being dealt with yet more harshly.


"The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that the police did not have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm, even a woman who had obtained a court-issued protective order against a violent husband making an arrest mandatory for a violation. Justices Rule Police... ."


I have witnessed police stand a side and not intervene in a fight outside a club. The altercation involved a group of men from the local gym that were all over 200 pounds of solid muscle. I knew most of the guys involved and those easily benched more than 300 pounds, and given the small stature of the officer I imagine each man would of had no problem lifting the officer off the ground if not with only one arm. When someone asked the police officer whether he was going to do something, the officer said, "those are some big boys, I'm not getting in there!"


God bless,


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Something has fundamentally changed in how police behave and view their own safety above that of all others.


The effect of Ayan Rand philosophy invading philosophy and ethics in policing?



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Ending all unnecessary police shootings is not realistic, any more than ending all auto accidents. There is a point where trying to prevent unnecessary shootings causes more harm than good, and I think we're at this point. It's like zero-tolerance policies that schools had, instead of making things better, they made things worse. Kids were being kicked out of school for absolutely harmless things, like an elementary school kid eating a pop tart into the rough shape of a gun (or, the high school kid who constructed what looked like an improvised briefcase bomb, using the guts of an old clock radio, but the media has let us know that he was just a victim of racist whites). We have cops so busy covering themselves, that more people get killed. Instead of cops exercising judgement to fit their response to the situation, they follow the book closely, a book that has been compromised by Political Correctness. That, and cops being more hesitant to engage in dangerous situations, causing more innocent people to die. In Baltimore alone, scores of additional people (vs. the previous year) have been murdered since some Baltimore leaders sacrificed six officers to the criminal justice system.


There are things that can be done, but these things are not on the radar of our leaders or on the minds of the anti-cop lynch mob. Like in the case of the teen that was shot after flashing his brights, it's ridiculous that it's illegal to flash your brights. If that stupid law didn't exist, the boy would still be alive.


I think some pubic education campaign would be useful. Everyone should know it's not an option to refuse a police order, even an unjust order. Hesitating isn't an option, either.

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The reason it is not an option to refuse a police order is what concerns me.


Civil disobedience, once a hallmark of our rights in this nation, can get one killed quickly now it seems.


When people's lives are on the line because they refuse to produce a driver's license, etc, we then have crossed a very dangerous line. That teenager who was pulled out of a car and then shot to death by a cop who stopped him, without cause simply because the kid flashed his lights at the cop for the police car's head beams being either on high or misaligned, is a case in point. The kid knew he had been unjustly stopped, he knew his rights, he knew he did not have to comply with the orders to give the cop his diver's license, etc, and it cost him his life.

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