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  1. Blessed Pathway

    New Member

    Hello, Thank you for the link which you've included...I will be sure to listen to this. :)
  2. Blessed Pathway

    New Member

    Thank you, I am thankful of your prayers.
  3. Blessed Pathway

    New Member

    Thank you for your welcome. There is a few Churches in our area however I have not attended regularly...I do attend one of the Christmas services though. I am not sure that these Churches are right for me...I hope soon that I can find a Church that I am happy with. Thank you for sharing the passages. ;)
  4. Blessed Pathway


    They are very good don't get me wrong, however its important to note that downloaded applications will only work from the Chrome Store. This is something I found out upon usage; I wasn't told this in the store.
  5. Blessed Pathway

    Christforums Free Android Google Play App

    I will do @William.
  6. Blessed Pathway

    New Member

    Thank you for your kind welcome.
  7. This is a wonderful gift; in fact I think this is possibly one of the best gifts I have heard one country give another. Well done Russia.
  8. Blessed Pathway


    I have just checked and the software isn't compatible with my Chromium based laptop, however I will check this out on my work PC.
  9. Blessed Pathway


    This is very interesting, thank you @William; to be honest, I have not heard of this before. :rolleyes:
  10. Blessed Pathway


    I don't see any issue with you doing Yoga; Yoga is practised worldwide for the heath benefits. I have been doing Karate for many years and I thought the same thing as you, however now I know that I do it because I like the art and not for the origin or religious ties.
  11. Blessed Pathway

    Christforums Free Android Google Play App

    I have just downloaded this App; it has a good UI and this will be useful when on-the-go.
  12. Blessed Pathway

    New Member

    Thank you Origen. I have to say, on a quick browse, this forum looks excellent.
  13. I think many people before they accept Christ is critical of Him; I certainly was...luckily I accepted Him and I know He has forgiven my past transgressions - after all, Jesus died for our sins. Before I accepted Christ I had very strong thoughts on God and religion, however I have been guided onto the righteous path. I do fall off of this path onto the dark path now and again but God pulls me back - isn't it wonderful that He will not give up on us?
  14. Blessed Pathway

    Anyone else here listen to Michael Jackson's music?

    There is only a few songs that I like from this artist, however his dancing was the thing that I noticed more about him to be honest. You can say a lot of things about him; his dancing you cannot deny was excellent.
  15. Blessed Pathway

    New Member

    Hello, I am a fairly new Christian and have decided to join here to grow my faith. I know a life without Christ is a dull one; a life with Christ is fruitful and fulfilling. I hope to meet many members here which I can share this journey with and learn more about Christ; I'm excited to be involved in the many threads that exist here, I am from the UK and I live in the county Derbyshire...I'm afraid to say that Christianity is not as prominent here, however I live in hope that God reaches out to all of those that are lost. If there is anything you would like to know, please do not hesitate to ask.
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