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    Three tour Vietnam Vet with one tr with B Co. 229th AHBn, 1st Air Cav, the killer Spades.
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    Yashua and YHWH, His Faher and mine by Adoption


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  1. Bill Taylor

    Walking in Love

    Young man, I pray for your ministry to grow and be productive. You share my love for the Lost and there are so very few of us and so many of them.
  2. I agree! Mega Church Pastors are generally Bean Counters and in 2Thes 2 we find: 2 Thessalonians 2:1-3 New King James Version (NKJV) The Great Apostasy 2 Now, brethren, concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him, we ask you, 2 not to be soon shaken in mind or troubled, either by spirit or by word or by letter, as if from us, as though the day of [a]Christ had come. 3 Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, I know, up close and personally, most will not agree but the truth is, the Church is in decline and tis period of decline is foretold by the One that sees the beginning and the end at the same time, YHWH.
  3. Bill Taylor

    Who Likes Cats?

    I live in the woods, second house from the hard left and stupid, cruel, people are forever dropping dogs and cats by the community mail box there. My wife and daughter recently buried our 14 year old Dachshund Mix and two years ago this summer some knot head dropped two Chocolate Lab Mix with American Pit Bull that were about six weeks. The one my wife and daughter rescued walked up to the fence with a Peanut Butter Jar forced over it's head, down to the shoulders and had small bruises over it's entire body and a broken tail. No-one has dropped cats off since my five pound Mother Cat, Dinky, passed but some cruel idiot will and we'll teach them to get along. Soon I hope.
  4. The People of this nation have for to long been absent. President Trump is the first Peopleś's President since Ronnie Reagan and it is past time for the Executive and the Congressional Branches to drop weights on the heads of the Liberal Baboons on SCOTUS to bring them back int ocompliance with the Lawful Constitution of this nation .
  5. Bill Taylor

    Question about Jesus

    Forgive me please, for being a stickler but the Paleo- Hebrew does not actually sound like Tah-way but rather I have learned His Name is pronounced mor correctly as YHWH = Yak-vak and pronouned by aspirating both Hs and remeembering they had no V sound in their Hebrew. The h, ch and k sound the same as a k and very short hissing sound. I find naught wrong with the English Translation but I never translated anyone's name when I served them, in their nation or ours but, rather, learned to speak their name just as they gave it to me. I feel I can do no less for YHWH. May YHWH bless your efforts to teach.
  6. Bill Taylor

    Question about Jesus

    That is not so. The New Testament tea ches a Triune God to be our one God. I'm not going to do the normal dumb thing and fill you up with single verses, that's not scriptural and by jerking scripture out of it's context, just about any point can be ¿proven? But if you will read through the New Testament four or five times, submitted to the Holy Spirit He will teach you that not only was Jesus God in the flesh of a man but that you need to study the Jewish (Old Testament) Bible also because Jesus is sprinkled throughout the text f it.
  7. Bill Taylor

    Question about Jesus

    Matt. You're original question has been correctly answered and you followed, not with a pertenant question a Christian a Christian might ask if they were thoughtfully meditating on the scriptures. For this reason you are an Infant Christian, a Babe in Christ, a Lost Man or you like to hide behind your keyboard and start confusion. Any Seasoned Christian knows that YHWH (God) does not want robots that will fall on their faces in mechanical, worship-like, motions. YHWH, Yashuah ha'Mashiah, and the Ruah love the descendants of the creation called Adam (Man). He expects His love to be reciprocal and that requires Free Will and nothing less. Without Complete Submissive Submission there can be no love and robots, that are commandable, have not feelings and love or returning love is emotion and nothing less.
  8. The two of you are not ready for marriage if either one of you are questioning the nation you willhttps://www.halleluyahscriptures.com/ live in. That is a critical point in a suspended relationship and if one must give in it will remain a point of contention, right up to the divorce.
  9. Bill Taylor

    Is the witch hunt finally about over?

    And I did not say we shouldn't have grown through the years but 1 year old Illegals voting really. At 18 I was a hormone driven Bike Nut and any vote I would have cast wouldd have been uninformed and thus, stupid.
  10. Bill Taylor

    Why there is no worship song in evangelic church

    Perhaps they seek not to hurt the feelings of those that cannot carry a tune and have never come to realize they sing poorly. I have seen it happen over and over in Fifth Sunday Gospel Singings.
  11. I can't boycott the world and still teach people about Yashuah. Yashuah sought out the lost and we are to be imitators of Him. I proudly wear Mini-Medals, Combat Patch and Crew Wings on my Fedora and my Stingy-Brims. Target, being French owned is dissatisfied, having lost the Indo-China War (Vietnam} think it was deplorable that the Americans took up the war when they were so soundly defeated. As a result they do not like Vietnam Veterans in their stores and to avoid stupid issues, I haven't shopped there for years. I did not go to any of the Vietnam Veteran Web Sites and try to promote a boycott, I just do not go in there. And a well thought out and enacted boycott will, certainly, affect a Bottom Line on anybody but spure of the moment actions of this sort never make a large impact. Since I do not use the Ladies Room, anywhere because I remember what my Sweet Wife looks like and all women are knitted together by our Creator God and like the male counterpart, they are all put together with the same equipment. I oft enjoy looking on the form of a Young Lady but my wife still has a great figure and if I kill the lights, I am still in bed with that Long Legged Blond I married, all those years back. I will never seriously promote a boycott because the Lost are in there and they are in need of a Chtistian witness!
  12. Bill Taylor

    Is the witch hunt finally about over?

    Fat chance of that ever happening until the Professional Politicians are cast aside and the nation returns to the vision of the Founding fathers, putting Land Owners and Business-Men in the Voter's Booth and as the Candidates.
  13. Bill Taylor

    Is the witch hunt finally about over?

    Mueller wants the millions to continue to flow into his pocket.
  14. Bill Taylor

    Is the witch hunt finally about over?

    He really needs to be fired as soon as the Trump Team gets the idiots off the President's back and sadly, not before that. Sessions was a great man IMO until he showed his colors as the AG.
  15. Bill Taylor

    What is the Rapture?

    I began my reading through in 1990, at different rates per day, per week and er year and have no idea how many times I have read through from beginning to end but I do know that I have not read through once without the Holy Spirit teaching me some new things I had not seen before. Over the course of mining the scriptures and mining this vein I have learned to search the scriptures for Life and Life Style applications. In this I have learned that all scripture is relevant to all people, everywhere. Then, under the instruction of the Spirit of YHWH I learned that though the applications might differ, they must never neutralize, cancel nor disagree with one another. They will add depth but if it is from YHWH the purposes will never be in conflict.