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    Three tour Vietnam Vet with one tr with B Co. 229th AHBn, 1st Air Cav, the killer Spades.
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    Yashua and YHWH, His Faher and mine by Adoption


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  1. The JWs and you folks worship the wrong Jesus making Him a god and not The God. and then you believe you can and you aspire to become a god and equal to Him and allow Joseph smith to rewrite Scripture. No, you worship the wrong god, spelled with a lower case g.
  2. Bill Taylor

    Do I have to wear a shirt?

    Creep parents abound.
  3. Bill Taylor

    Is Prosperity For The Present Church?

    Most noted is the extreme desire exhibited in your Proof Texting and drawing quotes out of their context enabling the writer of this junk to define, as he desires, their context. Also notable in real life are folks, such as my wife and myself, that live life serving YHWH, Yashuah ha'Mashiah, and Ruah, using their funding, labor and Spiritual Gifts and labors to magnify our Lord, the LORD. None of us lack anything we need but neither are we so rich that we worry over our riches, they are recorded and held by the LORD in Heaven. The Benny Hills of this Earth have their wealth and it will remain here, even as the World is consumed with fire.
  4. Bill Taylor

    Ryan says hi

    Hi Ryan, we might not have the answers but we can pray when informed.
  5. Bill Taylor

    Your Favorite Quotes

    AMEN and for emphasis I say it again AMEN! LORD, I pray you keep your hands on this servant's heart as you have mine and please, always control his tongue, as you have here, that it and he, always, Glorify you not, as others glorify themselves.
  6. Always good to see ya Bill.. You bring a smile to this old face. 

  7. Bill Taylor

    Jesus is not God Almighty himself

    Fastfreddyo,v what is confusing?
  8. Bill Taylor

    Jesus is not God Almighty himself

    You have ripped a few scriptures from their context and then raped them by twisting them to fit your desired usage...wrong! First, after, in this case, scripture has been transloated from the original manuscripts into English they are, in spite of all false claims of Circular Reasoning. The Bible is not a single work but is the work of arguably forty penmen of what YHWH has dictated, for the record, to them. These sixty-six, independent works by about forty or so individuals that include Scribes that never read or associated, in many cases with the others and yet recorded the desires and events they could not have known about, except YHWH told them. This makes the Scriptures Self Interpreting and profitable for education. Any attempt further interpretation is the Exercise of Futility in the Extreme. We are not smarter than The Creator. The Bible teaches that Jesus is the God of the Old Testament and the Rebewed Covenant (New Testament.)
  9. Bill Taylor

    WILLIAMS: Enough's Enough

    I heartily agree and in every walk of life this must, aggressively be contained for sans that action, it will swamp the nation. But being 73 and having watched this nation slide deeper and deeper into this ocean of sin for better than 53 years I have little faith that we will recover before the Tribulation and the Rapture/
  10. Bill Taylor

    Windows 10

    In the 3.0 & 3.1 era I was part of a local club and we spent most Saturdays debugging MS Software for single users and I would not even say "Linux" but all my conclusions changed with my first day of hands on experience with Ubuntu and when I found Mint for windoze users I went nuts converting Computer Users to Linux. Most people are not like me but with any of the Linux Debian Dlstros that have evolved from Linux Ubuntu do well because of the GUI being intuitively thought out and difficult to abuse from the web.
  11. Bill Taylor

    Do I have a virus?

    It sounds to me like you are operating a Windows phone with issues and you were right not to open the email, it is a phony message and those usually carry a virus.
  12. Bill Taylor

    Windows 10

    My Lenovo T420 went bonkers when I upgraded and my HP Desktop fell completely under 10 and every time I booted windoze it rewrote my Boot Script and discarded the Linux installation on the back half of it's HDD. Both have 8 & 7 back on them and I have rewritten the Boot Scripts, GRUB to successfully boot either OS. Windoze only got stupider with 10.
  13. Bill Taylor

    Ep. 558 - All the Hate is On the Left

    in my twenties I studied Adolf Hitler to discern the method used by him to carry all of Europe into WW 2 and found it, truly fascinating to have the method revealed. With that in mind, as a young soldier I made two serious errors when I concluded, incorrectly, that this could never happen again but from our mistakes. The Anti-Fas Baboons need a serious update of about a 12 year duration. They missed the mathematical truth that Two Minus One leaves One. Since the Conservative Right is not on the streets Rioting, Burning, Shooting People Beating the snot out of everyone they encounter that disagrees with their view of life. And according to my studies of the scriptures, this is only the, very beginning. Very scary for a 73 year old attached to a motorized wheelchair.
  14. Bill Taylor

    Prayer for Papa Zoom

    PZ, I can only imagine and not very well at that. I know, from experience that it is cery hard to find a listener, everyone wants to be the one to fix it and there is no rlearnelief or this pain, other than time and talking it out. And then instead of being intelligent and listening to learn how to help they keep running their mouths instead of hearing the important stuff. My heart and my prayer goes out to you and for yours.
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