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  1. @KerimF I think you understood exactly opposite of what I said.
  2. inlight12

    Feminists Love Islamists

    A funny video of current situation between feminists and islamists.
  3. inlight12

    Are we the only one?

    There is a difference between could be and should be. You should be careful about that. Theoretically, if I flap my arms fast enough, I could produce enough upward thrust for lift-off. But in reality, I can not. So it is wrong to assume that I should be flying just because I can flap my arms. My opinion on this is that. There could be other life. We do not know for sure until we get some good evidence. Regarding, God and other life, I do not see how the presence or absence of other life (even sentient) can affect anything we know about God. We can speculate that if there are other lives, God probably made them for some reasons that He did not bother to tell us. We need not find explanation of aliens in Bible, even when aliens are not mere speculations of scientists or fantasies of populace.
  4. inlight12

    Are we the only one?

    Why do you think that, logically?
  5. inlight12

    Are we the only one?

  6. Yes, many Americans on power are actually "Christians".
  7. inlight12

    When it hurts too much

    I am sorry to know this brother. Don't be sad, because God is with you. And He will not let you down. I shall pray a bit for you.
  8. inlight12

    Other Religious References In Fantasy

    Why are you watching agenda-driven fantasy in the first place? There are lots without those things or don't have any reference to Christianity. Don't watch anything made after 1980.
  9. inlight12

    Why Bernie Sanders is the best choice for President

    Can I go to the stage and shut him up and talk on his microphone despite being told by him to go down? Then he has my support.
  10. inlight12

    White Jesus

    What is my opinion after watching this? That would form if I even watch it in the first place. Why would I want to watch what some agenda-driven idiot has to say on some filthy channel from Satan's backside? Jesus was not white. He definitely was not black. He most likely looked like a jew, but we do not know.
  11. I think I am going to recant my positions on Catholics. I think most of them does not understand the Bible and almost none are saved.
  12. That's why under ordinary circumstances, I do not want to argue about validity of any Christian denomination. I consider them all valid as long as the focus is on God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. This makes it easier for me to accept a Catholic as Christian. Obviously I have my beliefs about them and they have about mine. But we don't bring it out because the argument is endless and pointless. Catholics and Protestants will never agree on doctrine. We should rather focus on preserving our culture and resisting our enemies together.
  13. Yep. It's like saying "I cannot ever know what's in the box. But I am sure there are some chocolates in there."
  14. I am not here to be educated about (mis)informations. I say what I believe and know them to be right. I just wanted to say that I no longer dislike Catholics and they can expect my help to reach out to non-Christians. But if they think they are going to convince me to believe one true church or some other nonsense, I am out.