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  1. theophilus

    An open book

    Welcome to the forum.
  2. For the same reason a boa constrictor won't swallow a porcupine. I believe Teddy Roosevelt made that statement when we were having problems with Haiti and someone asked him why we didn't just annex the country.
  3. theophilus

    Questions concerning Eve

    Obviously Cain married one of his sisters.
  4. If people only did the kind of work they are passionate about a lot of necessary jobs, such as collecting trash and garbage, would probably not be done. Very few are passionate about those jobs. The purpose of work is to earn a living and to do the things that have to be done if our society is to function. If you can find work you enjoy that is a plus, but it isn't essential. I spent 38 years working at a factory that made various rubber components that went into other products. I was never particularly passionate about the work but it provided a living for me.
  5. theophilus

    “About The Great Tribulation”

    Throughout history Christians have suffered tribulation as a result of persecution. This is part of the Christian experience. During the Great Tribulation God will be judging the earth. Christians will not be subject to this tribulation. Jesus compared the time of his return with the days of Lot. Lot was taken out of Sodom before God judged it; Christians will be taken out of the world before God judges it.
  6. During the Millennium the only mortals who die will be those who are executed for violating God's laws. The Bible says that Jesus will rule with a rod of iron.
  7. theophilus

    Bible Science Guy

    Sound reasoning alone is not enough. They must have facts on which to base their reasoning. For one thing they must know whether the universe was created by God or whether it developed over a long period of time by natural events. Which you believe will determine how you interpret the facts.
  8. theophilus

    Questions concerning Eve

    There were people outside of the garden? What evidence do you have for this?
  9. theophilus

    Christianity The One True Faith

    Do you believe that all Catholics and Methodists are born again Christians?
  10. I wonder why she duct taped the student to the chair. If the student was acting up in class I don't see that there is anything wrong in restraining him in this way. We shouldn't make any judgment until we hear the teacher's side of the story.
  11. Once again we see that our culture is tolerant of every belief except the truth.
  12. theophilus

    Why We Can’t Unhitch from the Old Testament

    The lack of influence of Christianity isn't the result of our use of the Old Testament but by our rejection of it, mainly by our belief that the first eleven chapters of Genesis aren't literally true. The Bible begins by declaring that God created the world a few thousand years ago. We have often failed to defend this fact but have accepted the beliefs of secular scientists that the world is millions of years old. The account of creation is the foundation on which the rest of the Bible is founded. When we reject the foundation we place everything else in jeopardy. We need to support organizations such as Answers in Genesis that are attempting to restore this foundation.
  13. theophilus

    Hello fellow Christians!

    Welcome to the forum.
  14. theophilus

    Bible Science Guy

    It doesn't fit at all. Both the gap theory and YEC teach that all life that exists today was created by God only a few thousand years ago. Neither leaves any room of Darwinian evolution.
  15. theophilus

    Holiday dessert

    Here is how you can make a quick dessert for halloween. Find a pumpkin. Carefully measure it to find the diameter and the circumference. Divide the circumference by the diameter. You now have Pumpkin Pi.
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