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  1. The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is misnamed. It's purpose seems to be to abolish religious freedom among the military. Here is a link to General Teichert's website. PLUS | Prayer at Lunchtime for the United States PRAYATLUNCH.US
  2. theophilus

    Paying the preacher

    A church had just hired a new pastor and the board was meeting to decide what his salary would be. One of the members opened the meeting with this prayer: "Lord, we know that your best servants are those who are poor and humble and we certainly want our pastor to be a good servant, so if you will just keep our pastor humble we'll keep him poor."
  3. theophilus

    Alcohol and Christianity

    The first miracle Jesus did was turning water into wine. Surely he expected the guests at the wedding to drink that wine. While alcohol use is permitted it isn't commanded and it can be a sin if it causes another believer to stumble. My background has been among believers who believe all alcohol use is wrong and while I don' agree with this belief I abstain out of respect for their beliefs.
  4. theophilus

    Prayers for my medical condition.

    I will pray for both your health and your financial problems.
  5. theophilus


    The Holy Spirit enables us to understand the Bible, and he dwells in those who have been saved by repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. Have you ever taken this step and become a follower of Christ? I often read the Bible before I was saved but I didn't really understand it. Is it possible that this is the case with you too?
  6. In the past it was taken for granted that all public restrooms and dressing rooms were for the exclusive use of one sex, either men or women. The transgender movement has changed this. People who perceive themselves to be of the opposite gender from their biological one are demanding to be allowed to use the restrooms of their perceived identity and many legislatures and courts are supporting their demands. They claim that barring transgenders from using the restroom of their choice is discrimination. They overlook the fact that allowing them to follow their choice discriminates against those who don’t want to share restrooms with the opposite sex. Also, allowing men access to women’s restrooms and dressing rooms exposes women to the risk of sexual assault. Perhaps we could solve this problem by basing restroom access on anatomy rather than sex. The restroom you are allowed to use would depend on whether you have a penis or a vagina. This would not be discriminatory because restroom access would not be determined by whether you identify yourself as male or female or whether you consider yourself to be of no gender at all. Of course it is unlikely that such a commonsense solution will ever be adopted. We are living in a time when too many legislators and judges simply don’t have any common sense.
  7. If the denomination accepts homosexual activity as an acceptable life style it will be tearing itself asunder from God's plain commands. Jesus prayed that believers would be united with each other but he often taught that we should be separate from sin.
  8. From reading the story I got the impression that the student was rejected because he refused to sign the organizations statement of faith, not because he was gay.
  9. theophilus

    The apes

    For the same reason Jewish boys are still born with foreskins even though Jews have practiced circumcision since Abraham's time.
  10. theophilus

    The apes

    Chapter 1 describes the creation of the earth. On day 6 man is created. Chapter 2 is a detailed description of the creation of how man was created on the sixth day. If you keep this fact in mind you will find that there is no contradiction.
  11. theophilus

    The apes

    How does this account contradict chapter 1?
  12. Do parents who remove their children from public schools also have the right to stop paying taxes to support those schools?
  13. theophilus

    President Trump's Concern On Immigration

    I agree that we need to fix our immigration laws. The best way to do that is to make legal immigration easier and simpler. We need to encourage more people to immigrate and become citizens.
  14. theophilus

    Greetings in Jesus Christ's Name

    Welcome to the forum.
  15. There is one statement in this video I disagree with. She say that biological sex is not assigned. It is assigned - by God.