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    Long-time single. I've loved but have never been 'in love' with anyone nor felt as though anyone has been 'in love' with me. I'm a loner, an introvert, and I keep a lot of my life as a secret from everyone.
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    I don't know. I'd like to think there is someone out there for me, but I'm kind of doubting it.


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    Reading to learn, cooking, mathematics/statistics, gardening, fishing


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  1. Jonitus

    Men who won't marry

    I've suspected for a while now that I am called to be single. Not wanting to father children nor burning with any passion, it seems that I am one of those people who is meant to be single for a purpose. If being single affords me opportunity to grow closer to God, then I am all for it. I don't have any hobbies. My days are generally busy with work and other responsibilities so there isn't much time left for leisurely pursuits, and there just isn't anything that enthuses me enough to pursue as a hobby.
  2. Jonitus

    Men who won't marry

    The loneliness is from the perspective of being different or otherwise set apart from others around me. Most of the people I interact with regularly are married with children, and as an old bachelor, I don't really 'fit in' with those folks where social gatherings are concerned. I've given some consideration to the singles groups, but around here there is no consideration given to how to live a fulfilling life as a single person and the groups are more aligned with making the group members NOT single. I really don't think I'm missing out on anything by being single, especially since it is my choice for reasons which seem quite reasonable for me, however when I am the only person I know of in my particular position in my congregation, the gravity of my situation sometimes stings a bit when I can't really relate to others in their situations.
  3. Jonitus

    Men who won't marry

    Marriage is not for me. I'm not the right type of man for it. I've never had any desire to have children. Those things being said, in my own life, since I do not want children nor want to be married, there is no reason for me to date. It's incredibly lonely sometimes, but I'd rather suffer the loneliness periodically than to either marry someone I don't love or have a casual, carnal relationship with a woman I don't intend to marry. Just my two cents.
  4. Jonitus

    Are you skilled in debate?

    I have no skill in debate. I don't even try. Seems most debates are more an exercise in two men taking their egos for a walk rather than examining an issue. I have a big enough ego as it is and don't need to give it opportunity to show itself off more than it already does.
  5. I have a daily reading plan that gets me through the Bible entirely in one calendar year. Easy. A bit of OT, NT, Psalms/Proverbs every day. Takes me less than 10 minutes to read the passages for the day and if I want to get out the Strong's concordance and dig in the passages a bit more, I can do that too. It took me about two weeks to make it habitual to do my daily readings, but once it was habit, the rest was very easy.
  6. Jonitus

    Fasting for health benefits

    Fasting is a sure-fire way to get your body into ketosis and start burning fat for fuel, and you will most definitely lose weight. However, when you break the fast you have to eat a keto diet or the weight will come right back on in a big hurry and it'll bring company along to stay.
  7. Jonitus

    Smoking (tobacco)

    I smoked cigarettes for over 20 years. Seeing my Father slowly die of emphysema was motivation enough for me to quit.
  8. Jonitus

    Member Interview Questions

    1. Briefly introduce yourself. I'm Jon. 40-something guy living in Iowa. Originally from Wyoming. Two-time divorcee, no children. Spent the last 6 and a half years taking care of my Dad - gave up my career to do it, got my PhD for 'something to do'. Dad passed away at the end of August so I'm now trying to sort through the mess of an estate as it's executor, trying to find a job and explain my huge employment gap. 2. How and how long ago did you become a Christian? Tell us about your conversion experience (if you have one). Too difficult to answer succinctly. 3. What experiences have shaped you spiritually? This also is hard to answer succinctly. 4. What evidences do you have that you have been given life by God? Existence is far too perfect to be the result of random chance. As something that also exists, I also had to be created. 5. What does it mean for a person to love God? In what ways do you see true biblical love toward God demonstrated in your life? I speak to God as I wished I could have spoken to my own Father. There is a tenderness and reverence in our conversation that I've never had before with any person. My relationship with God is the first relationship I've ever made effort to maintain. 6. What activities characterize your evangelistic interest? I'm not sure how to answer this. 7. What are your specific and regular practices regarding the spiritual disciplines (e.g., personal prayer, Bible study, meditation, stewardship, learning, etc.)? Regular daily prayer, daily Bible study, reading commentaries/extra-Biblical texts for thought provocation. 8. Who are your favorite Christian writers, commentators, theologians, etc.? Why? What books have you read in the past year? My reading this calendar year has been school-based books. 9. When you're met with opposition, has it been mostly related to your personality, your beliefs, or something else? Personality. I'm a loner. I'm an introvert. I'm a quiet guy. Most people assume I am always angry or that there is something bothering me all the time. I've been told I am unapproachable. I'm actually a really nice guy, but you gotta earn the right to get to know that. 10. Any advice for new or other members on Christforums? Nope. I'm brand-new, so I'm figuring it all out.
  9. Jonitus

    What Do You Look For In Your Church?

    This topic hits close to home for me. I've bounced around a LOT looking for a home church and I haven't found one yet. I like to give a new church a 'three strikes and you're out' chance. There are a lot of things I can overlook because I think each church has its flaws, but there are some things that are just red flags for me.
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