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  1. Jedothek

    Antichrist and 666

    Why do most commentators think that the beast of rev 13:18 is the antichrist? The bible does not say so
  2. Jedothek

    Who begot Jesus?

    Thank you for helpful reply. I shall be thinking further about this.
  3. Jedothek

    Who begot Jesus?

    Much time could have been saved if you had said, “ I do not know the difference between ‘was conceived out of’ and ‘was begotten by.’ ” There is no shame in not knowing. In the meantime, other readers of this thread, if such there be, might attempt to answer the question.
  4. Jedothek

    Who begot Jesus?

    I did not place quotes around ‘begot’ in the OP. My issue was not about vocabulary. I referred to holy spirit begetting Jesus because I do not see the difference between "A was conceived out of B" and "B begot A". I have asked you to explain that difference. You have not done so.
  5. Jedothek

    Who begot Jesus?

    You've missed my point. I'm not claiming that Christian literature uses the word 'begotten' or a Greek equivalent such as gennethenta anywhere with the agent named as holy spirit. I am asking what is the DIFFERENCE between saying "A was conceived out of B" and "B begot A" ; and in general, what does "A was conceived out of B" MEAN?
  6. Jedothek

    Who begot Jesus?

    Origen, I called your use of the creeds selective because you quoted the part of the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed of 381 that says that Jesus was incarnate by the Holy Ghost but omitted the part which says that he was begotten of the Father, when my point was that Christian literature makes both claims. Now my question to you , which I must repeat since you have not answered it, remains: if to say that Jesus was conceived out of holy spirit does not mean that the Holy spirit begot Jesus, then what DOES it mean? (I’m not trying to shout with those full caps, it’s just for emphasis.)
  7. Jedothek

    Who begot Jesus?

    Matthew says that Mary was pregnant and Jesus was conceived ek pneumatos hagiou , which means out of holy spirit. Ek also means from, because of, of and by. If this means something other than conventional begetting, please explain what that is. Your citations of the Creeds is extremely selective. We also have We believe in... one Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Only-begotten, Begotten of the Father (The Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed , AD 381 )
  8. Christian literature says both that the Holy Spirit begot Jesus and that the Father begot him. Perhaps they cooperated in some way. Would anyone care to comment?
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