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  1. H03


    Georgia wanting parents to opt in to CP, in schools. Members opinions! I believe it should stay in the home. Harriet
  2. H03

    Opinion - Trump at Helsinki

    Trump is not a Christian man, he's a serial adulterer & fonicator.
  3. H03


    Welcome sister. Please be assured, your not alone.
  4. H03

    Are we still sinners?

    For your third language! Your English Is very good, exceptional. God bless you
  5. H03

    Greetings, newbie on this forum

    So true sister.
  6. H03

    Do you believe in spanking?

    Sometimes the threat, can suffice. Sometimes the Strap, left on the nightstand. Can be sufficient, to correct behaviour.
  7. Hello sister I would suggest a meeting, if possible with your Pastors wife. I've had issues in the past, unlike yours. But gave me much torment, child discipline etc. I found chatting with her, (there were 3 sisters). Most helpful & encouraging. In Jesus Harriet
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