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  1. Bull of the Woods

    Your Favorite Quotes

    As D.L. Moody observed, “The problem with a living sacrifice is that it keeps crawling off the altar.”
  2. Bull of the Woods

    The Swamp

    I believe I see evidence of people rationalizing a politician's failings daily. But now I realize that to a large extent the desire of probably the majority in the forum is to keep a strictly pro President narrative going. I am thinking I do better in the more spiritual sections of the forum. I think I should better stay mostly clear of anything related to the President.
  3. Bull of the Woods

    Clinton’s 2016 Campaign Funneled $150K To Her Personal Company

    I tend to want to counteract things. Whenever I have been around a consensus that I don't think is completely backed up I throw a monkey wrench in. My only point was while it may very well be Clinton got 150k somewhere it should not have been, the President benefited by utilizing his businesses and assets.
  4. Bull of the Woods

    Laugh of the Day

    "Yet, history is being made in our time, right now, we're witness to it and that's evident. No time in history has NK been this close to denuclearization. No time. Maybe they might renege, that's yet to be seen, but this close, right now is one for the history books. " When I see terms like "no time in history has", and "one for the history books" I am accustomed to that span being something more than seven years. They had rudimentary programs start and stop but this latest effort which was geared to delivery as well as bomb building is pretty new. But we will see. I have thought China pulls the strings or allows what they choose to allow all along.
  5. Bull of the Woods

    Laugh of the Day

    I didn't know I was the poster child of naive. To me Trump saying Xi could be influencing Kim would be like FDR saying Hitler could be influencing Mussolini. Kind of an odd thing to say could be happening. I saw humor in that.
  6. Bull of the Woods

    Laugh of the Day

    Trump clearly said Xi COULD be influencing Kim. I knew that was going on all along. The world's most populous nation and a super power borders Kim's North Korea. China has been the prime supplier of goods keeping North Korea afloat for years. It is ridiculous for the president to begin to speak about maybe China influencing Kim. That has been a given from the get go. I am sorry I am the only biased person around. I thought it funny for the President to use words like "could" and "may" about China influencing Kim. So I put it in "The Laugh of the Day".
  7. Bull of the Woods

    Laugh of the Day

    I'm sorry, it's worse. He speculated Kim MAY be getting influenced by Xi.
  8. Bull of the Woods

    The Swamp

    "And I fail to see why some people just can't/don't want to wrap their heads around this concept, they'reconstantly rationalizing politicians failings forsome strange reason???"
  9. Bull of the Woods

    Laugh of the Day

    The President JUST figured out China and Xi MAY be influencing Kim. President Donald Trump alleged that Chinese President Xi Jinping “could be influencing” Kim Jong Un, after the North Korean leader threatened to call of the highly anticipated June 12 summit in Singapore. During a meeting with NATO Security General Jens Stoltenbergon Thursday, Trump referred to Kim and Xi’s meeting last Monday and Tuesday in Dalian: “If you remember two weeks ago, all of a sudden out of nowhere Kim Jong Un went to China to say hello again–second time–to President Xi.” He added: “It could very well be that he’s influencing Kim Jong Un. We’ll see what happens. Meaning the President of China, President Xi, could be influencing.” A day earlier, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi advised Trump to remain calm and acknowledge North Korea’s efforts to de-escalate tension. “All parties, especially the United States, should cherish this opportunity for peace and should not work as a barrier,” he said, during an official trip to Paris. “To solve this problem, it’s necessary for the two parties to work toward the same direction, not the opposite. What I would like to emphasize is that the current eased situation on the peninsula issue has been hard-won."
  10. Someone else introduced BLM into the conversation. And I responded to comments on that.
  11. So if a black man is shot in a traffic stop they check his party affiliations first?
  12. Bull of the Woods

    The Swamp

    You should be freaking out these days then
  13. I thought they mostly act when someone is killed. Not taunted or intimidated.
  14. Bull of the Woods

    Clinton’s 2016 Campaign Funneled $150K To Her Personal Company

  15. Bull of the Woods

    A thread to discuss fake news

    How did they attack his stance on MS13 and hammas?