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  1. Truthfrees

    Rigged primaries?

    i guess that is what they tell each other - and perhaps they really believe it - but that would be a type of error to think they know better than all the rest of us as per 2 Timothy 3:13 - especially considering their success rate is so poor - they seem really good at making messes - and really bad about cleaning them up - as PT is now clearly demonstrating - so surely they should see how they have failed for decades and PT is succeeding immediately
  2. away may 10 -20

  3. Truthfrees

    Invisible primary has already begun for Democrats

    i doubt they will find anyone new - and they don't have anyone old - it will be very interesting to see who they come up with - they are having trouble pleasing the extreme left and the middle left and they really have no platform to speak of - so there is a lot to pull together to attract a new face the people are tired of celebrities and politicians and now they have a taste of what a successful businessman can do they might try that corner praying for God to strengthen the right and remove all the nonsense on the right long before 2020 so that america will be doubly pro-right and doubly lose interest in the left
  4. Truthfrees

    United States Leaves Iran Nuclear Deal

    who is the guy pushing the stroller? kerry?
  5. Truthfrees

    United States Leaves Iran Nuclear Deal

    o - good - thanks
  6. Truthfrees

    United States Leaves Iran Nuclear Deal

    what do you mean? - i think i am missing your point
  7. Truthfrees

    United States Leaves Iran Nuclear Deal

    lol - except he is - they are tilting at windmills - they have been ineffective their whole political life - and in 1 year PT has done more than all of them combined did you also hear that this is the 1st year nobel will not give out a peace prize? - they said they have inner scandals to take care of - so they will give out a peace prize next year but not this
  8. Truthfrees

    United States Leaves Iran Nuclear Deal

    i guess we love righteousness and we rejoice when the righteous succeed - Proverbs 29:2 - why then does scripture tell us not to rejoice when our enemies fall? - because it is God's business to deal with them - and deal with them He will - Proverbs 28:12-13 - Psalms 1:6 - Proverbs 28:28 we cry out to Him about the wicked and then watch how He deals with them - Exodus 14:13-14
  9. Truthfrees

    A thread to talk about the positive things trump has done

    thank God PT is getting things done - and really without the politicians when politicians get involved things go bust who needs them when PT can get things done without them?
  10. Truthfrees

    A thread to talk about the positive things trump has done

    amen - a lesson to us all to vote for a president who loves the country and the people he gives away his presidential salary each quarter - it's clear his priorities are in order God bless PT - praying for him for God's protection wisdom blessing vindication success peace refreshing favor health strength in Jesus' wonderful name
  11. Truthfrees

    A thread to talk about the positive things trump has done

    according to fox news they are on their way home right now with pompeo - thank God http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2018/05/09/north-korea-releases-3-us-detainees-shows-trumps-get-tough-policy-is-working.amp.html
  12. this is very true - imo though many liberal plebes know even less than republican plebes - because they believe the media lies i think PT was elected because many liberals knew the truth when they heard it from PT and switched away from hillary and over to PT even cbs polled and admitted that with all the fake news out there PT's approval rating is 53% and climbing the truth is just beginning to roll and i don't think fake news will be able to stop it now imo this time things will get taken care of properly and the future of politics will eventually change the swamp is being drained and at the end of PT's 8 year term he should be able to finish the job - and the r's will find a whole new support base
  13. but that is how you do it legally - no one said legally it is instant - it takes time to vet - that is a reason it needs to be done legally - to properly vet every country does this - it is a matter of national security - no country lets anyone immigrate without being properly vetted - and it does take a long time - nature of the beast
  14. just found out andrew weisman is the prosecutor judge ellis chewed out at manafort's trial - so andrew weisman and mueller are deep into corrupt prosecution practices