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  1. The led

    Life Is In The Son

    I agree with you. Jesus said: "Let the died bury their died". I think he means that they are naturally alive, but their souls "died", their souls already were in the sins before God.
  2. I think that if the human correctly uses the talents which are given him by God, he won't be in poverty in the most of cases.
  3. I've downloaded the application ISA which handles the interlinear translation of Bible and searched for the stem R-Q-Y-GH. This stem is pretty rare in the hebrew texts. I found it only in Genesis 1, Ezekiel 1, Psalms 150, Daniel 12. I guess that the word R-Q-Y-GH means something round.
  4. The Septuagint is just an interpretation of the hebrew texts in greek language. I think that the using of the original sources is a better way.
  5. Those articles are omitted in some interlinear translations in such a way: "Then he-came Jesus from Galilee..." By the way, as far as I know, the greek particle "o" also might be translated as "which".
  6. As been said, NLT Tyndale Bible. The third free interlinear translation which is posted in this topic. The New Testament: http://nltinterlinear.com/John.1.1-51/interlinear The book can be read online.
  7. I think that the soul hasn't a gender, it's spiritual body. The souls are created by God, not by the other souls.
  8. The led

    The Birthing

    There is no a "kind" or "evil" nature. Even the creature was born by the evil ones, it can choose its own spiritual way.
  9. I think that almost every word from the ancient hebrew or greek languages might be translated into the modern english language pretty good and without mistakes. But even the word-for-word translations differ significantly. Let's read the word of Genesis 1:6 in SFA (Scripture For All): R-Q-Y-GH (atmosphere) In NASB this word is translated as "expanse". In KJV this word is translated as "firmament". Which of translators is right?
  10. Forty thousands words is almost a quarter. It is too much, therefore the KJV is not a word-for-word translation.
  11. As been said, a lot of people won't read anything other than the KJV. I think that the next stage of christian's spiritual growing is a reading some interlinear translation, but understanding of the ancient non-english texts is difficult.
  12. The led

    The worm, and their worm that dies not

    I think the "fire" is a torture in the hell, which is outside of the soul, and the "worm" is a torture which is inside of the soul. "The worm doesn't die" means that this torture is eternal.
  13. I think that the interlinear translations might be useful to check a common non-word-for-word translations of Bible.
  14. Because KJV is a traditional translation. But I want to know the true word of God.
  15. Let's assume that the abbreviature of the interlinear translation which I posted at the first message of this topic is "SFA" (Scripture For All). As I can see in SFA, the words "virgin" and "damsel" have a different transliteration from ancient hebrew language: GH-L-M-H (damsel) <-- this word is used in Isaiah 7:14 B-TH-W-L-H (virgin) <-- this word is used in other verses
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