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  1. Chasinglight


    I really want to be a part of this forum, but I have a hard time accepting some of the Christian stories such as Genesis, Jonah and the whale, Noahs Ark etc. I am uncomfortable being on this forum because I feel it is expected of me to believe these stories. On all other counts I am a true Christian. So I am a little confused as to what to do. I can't change the way I feel about these stories. Any advice?
  2. Thanks for your input. Your theory is interesting, though I think i still believe in macro evolution. Although I totally agree with the morals the bible teaches and the story of Jesus, there are however stories I find hard to accept such as Noahs Ark and Jonah and the whale. It goes against any sense of logic in me. The same applies to Genesis. But I think I can still be a good Christian despite not believing in these things, and hopefully there will be room in heaven for me one day.
  3. Chasinglight

    Is belief in reincarnation possible as a christian?

    If any things going to turn me off Christianity it's hearing that all babies who die go to hell. How could a loving God seriously send a baby to hell? I think you've got your wires crossed.
  4. Chasinglight

    How really accurate is the bible?

    Well that is reassuring. Thankyou, William
  5. Chasinglight

    Is belief in reincarnation possible as a christian?

    I guess I just find it hard to understand, when a baby dies at a few hours old, where was his chance to prove himself? It just makes sense to me that that baby would reincarnate. I guess this is just something I struggle with, with my faith. but thankyou for the information you put forward William, all the same.
  6. Hasn't the bible been changed and altered by man over the centuries? How accurate is it really now?
  7. Chasinglight


    I think judging by your age you are actually a different theophilus from the one I know. But I send you a virtual coffee nonetheless :)
  8. Personally, I am Christian, but I believe in evolution. All the facts in science point towards that. What do others think?
  9. I read somewhere that the early church believed in reincarnation, and that it got scrubbed out of the Bible in the early days. Reincarnation actually makes a lot of sense to me, rather than the concept of hell. What do others think?
  10. Chasinglight

    Please pray for me

    Things will get better for you. Keep the faith. I will pray for you
  11. Chasinglight

    Please pray for my sister

    Please pray for my sister who is spiritually lost, that she will truly find Jesus
  12. Chasinglight

    Hello all

    Thankyou for welcoming me. I'll be sure to pick your brains if I have any questions
  13. Chasinglight


    Hi theophilus! Thankyou for introducing me to this forum. I send you a virtual coffee.
  14. Chasinglight

    Fear of death.

    I think a lot of people are afraid of dying because of fear of losing control. Just have faith in God that he will do what's best for you. He has your best interest at heart.
  15. Chasinglight

    Hello all

    After drifting away from Christianity a little, I am now coming back to it. I am here on this website to learn, and to connect with other like-minded people