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  1. They are just obeying the creation ordinance Be fruitful and multiply. They are actually contributing to society as opposed to this whiner who contributes nothing but the dumbing down of culture.
  2. Beau Michel

    Ironic things

    Their whole Super size menu speaks volumes. They encourage gluttony and then donate to the results of it. Truly ironic
  3. Beau Michel

    Ironic things

    That is rich. Perhaps it helps to ease the guilty conscience.
  4. Beau Michel


    Still trying to enter the 100 club.
  5. Beau Michel


    An occupational hazard that book lovers are willing to endure.
  6. Beau Michel

    'Modest' clothing causes an outcry?

    Yes also their is no creative imagination of substance, the thought is if it was a hit once it will be a hit again, hence all the remakes of 60's and 70's TV shows and remakes of old movie standards. Yes either they are too stupid to figure out why these remakes fail or they know and just don't have the integrity to admit it.
  7. Beau Michel

    10 Possible 2020 Presidential Candidates To Watch

    We are becoming if we already are not the joke of the world. Our elected officials make the case for us. Progressives have we dumbed down the people enough yet?
  8. Beau Michel

    'Modest' clothing causes an outcry?

    The opposite of modest is immodest. So why the outcry except that they have had to come to terms with their own lack of modesty.
  9. Beau Michel


    Long live good old fashioned books
  10. Beau Michel


    Wow that looks pretty impressive.
  11. Beau Michel

    Trump lives well on our money

    Not to mention the lavish vacations Obama took at taxpayer expense taking even Michelle's mother on some. Not a Trump fan but false accusations are wrong no matter what we think of the man occupying the office.
  12. All false religions are the same. They all teach a salvation by works or a combination of grace + works. Religion can be narrowed down to two. True and false. Only Christianity is true for it is the only religion that is all of grace( evidence that it is God ordained and not man made).
  13. I can't speak for all Americans or even everyone on this site but I read mine daily.
  14. Beau Michel


    And the Indians are not native to America either.
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