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    I had a dream....

    This isn’t meant to be a offensive question but here it is. I had a dream where someone was accusing me of being a Catholic. It's that simple, a woman I didn't know was talking with me about something I can't remember and what I do remember is that she kept telling me I was a Catholic in what I perceived to be an accusatory tone. Now I don't personally have any animosity towards Catholics but it makes me worry that either G*d is trying to tell me to examine my faith(which I do most of the time anyway), #2 it is just a silly random dream that means nothing or #3 it is a warning of some type. Acts 2:17 is an example of why I take things such as dreams seriously. I'm non-denominational but attend a church of Christ and with my view and the publicly accessible history of the Catholic church, along with the belief structure of that body, it is both offensive and worrying that I would have a dream like this. I've never had this dream, this is the first dream I have remembered after waking up in as long as I can remember so I'm kind of freaking out. Again, this is not meant to offend anyone, I didn't know where else to ask a question like this and I previously viewed similar questions to mine being asked on this site. Thank you for your time.
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