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  1. This is really funny. The OP's obvious intent was to impress himself. I hope he's succeeded because he certainly did not impress me.
  2. Sink: I would not worry too much if I were you about being stressed out when you think about God. Be worried that God doesn't get stressed out when he thinks about you.
  3. Well, I guess I'm headed to jail. Someone send me a care package. LOL 🤯
  4. huk945


    OP: The elevation of Mary or any other human being dead or alive is not biblical scriptural or doctrinally sound. Don't bother concerning yourself with the official Roman position of anything. Authority is found in the Bible and the Bible alone. Your first sentence both interests and confuses me. I guess it's okay to get you started but eventually you're going to have to decide who you are.
  5. BWCH: I Have a suggestion, take it for what it's worth. Here's where most people make their mistake, we run around like crazy trying to FIND the right person. What we should be doing is spending the same amount of time trying to BE the right person. Because when we ARE the right person God will take care of it for us.
  6. huk945

    Why did Jesus weep? (John 11:35)

    Aw, C'MON....... Jesus wept at the Jewish people's lack of faith in what God could do, especially through his son. His weeping was in response to the unbelief of the Jewish people.