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  1. Vyck

    A Christian's responsibility for their family?

    I agree with you. One does not help change a heart by repudiating. And all of us, being sinners, shouldn't judge anyone. Specially if it's not even our family. People struggle and battle with demons in silence and we don't have the slightest idea what it's like or what they've been through
  2. Vyck

    How to get rid of cellulite

    I must say, I used this recipe (minus the salt) only one time. I never used it again because my bathroom was left a mess. The olive oil gets everything sticky and the coffee stained my bathroom floor. My skin was very smooth afterward though. How did your wife deal with the mess? I had to clean the whole bathroom several times to get rid of the oil and the stains. To think I would have to do all that every day... It made me give up on that recipe.
  3. Vyck

    Your favorite Author

    I must confess I haven't read a lot in the last couple of years, mostly due to lack of time. When I was an avid reader, especially as a child, I enjoyed Jules Verne a lot. I read almost all of his books before turning 12. The very first one I read was Tribulations d'un Chinois en Chine and I was fascinated by his description of objects and gadgets, as well as the scenery of the old rural China.
  4. Vyck

    How do you beat stress?

    I usually take a long bath after a stressful day. Play some music and light aromatic candles while I'm at it. Exercise is also a great way to lower stress levels, makes you tired and ready to sleep (works wonders for me since I tend to get insomnia when I'm stressed). Playing with children is also great if you like kids. Praying is one of my favorites. Give your problems to Him, and He will help you.
  5. I can totally relate to this. You suddenly start judging yourself. All your flaws and all the bad things you've done in the past (and maybe continue doing) and start to feel like it's impossible to become a good Christian. It's a relief to know that He loves us no matter what and it's even more encouraging for me to fight back and turn into the woman He'll be proud of. Thank you @faramir.pete for this beautiful and thoughtful answer, and thank you @sink for asking for the answer I didn't know I needed.. God bless you both.
  6. Vyck

    Former Non-Christian

    God-shaped hole in my heart... I love how that sounds. Thank you both very much for your words
  7. I love the idea of gardening, though I've never tried it (I live in a very small apartment in the middle of the city, no space at all :(). I do love the outdoors though. I also think being outdoors it's the time when I feel the closest to God. Especially in the early mornings when you get to see everything wake up.
  8. I stopped being a Christian during my teenage years. These were personally and emotionally challenging years for me and at that time, I sincerely thought God didn't love us or care about us. Also, being in a Christian school and not getting any kind of support added to the idea already forming in my too young head that "all Christians are hypocrites" As I grew older and started drifting through all kinds of religious and cult-like ideologies (mostly New Age stuff). I never stopped feeling like I was missing something important in my life. Now that I'm coming back to Christianity, I realize that some of the biggest struggles a non-Christian can face are emotional turmoil and desolation. One never feels complete, or true love. It feels like nothing will ever make you happy. I'm glad I'm finding my faith again and though I'm not perfect, I'm trying to improve. I just wanted to share my personal view about this topic with you, since it's a so close to me.
  9. Vyck

    Question about prayer

    This happened to me a lot when I was a child too. It doesn't happen anymore to be honest. I'm not really sure if it's normal or not. Maybe you're more emotional than you think. Maybe you're really thankful or hopeful when you pray. Praying time is a sacred moment so it could be understandable if you're more emotional than you normally are.
  10. Vyck

    The Harm of ‘Believing in Yourself’

    Dear William. I must admit that when I started reading, my mindset was placed wrong. I thought, if one has such a close relationship with Jesus, so close that He is part of one, believing in self means believing in Him. This part got my attention and made me start rethinking. If I had such faith in Jesus, why do I always have this need to be in control of everything? Then I read this and started thinking, you're totally right. The moment we think we are/must be in control, anxiety and worry hits. We think we have power over things we actually don't. And here is where I understood. My job is to believe and love Him. I must trust Him completely before myself. I'll start not believing in myself from now on. Thank you very much for posting this.
  11. Vyck

    Favorite Christian band

    I love Skillet too. Other bands with similar style are Red and Fireflight. I'd recommend you listen to Yours Again by Red; and For Those Who Wait by Fireflight. They're both songs that every time I listen to, take my back to my years of atheism. My all time favorite would be Red though. I love how relatable their lyrics are, and overall their style sounds great to me.
  12. Vyck

    What kind of computer you use?

    I use a Toshiba C75D-B7304 Notebook and it's the best I've had so far. It's kind of big with 17.9'' (I'm used to having smaller laptops) but overall it's great. It has an AMD A6 processor and good graphics. I sometimes work with editing software and it can get a little bit slow but still works fine. It's great budget and good capabilities. The only way I'd change it is if I could afford a Mac.
  13. Vyck

    Lucifer Movie

    I've never even heard of this movie before but the plot sounds like they wanted to humanize and justify the idea of evil. I personally think that the idea of someone who was once bad, can become good is kind of hopeful. Like, a lot of people out there who are sinners can be saved when they find His love. According to the title, we are speaking about the devil here but still, it's an interesting idea to me.
  14. Vyck

    I Don't Know Who I'm Married To!

    I totally agree. It's bad enough that @Paul1 is going through this. Imagine how a kid will cope (or try to) with this. I'm guessing yours are very young, since you've been married for 11 years. This can cause severe trauma and mental illness in their adult years. You all need help and counselling asap. She as a liar and you and your kids on how to cope with her and help her.
  15. One of the hardest lessons I've ever learned. When I was younger, this was one of the things that made me turn my back on Him for years. I've always believed God's existence but back then, I used to think he didn't love us for the tests he put us through. That same suffering made me realize that He has plans for all of us, even if they hurt us. Trusting His will has truly been my salvation from depression. God bless you.
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