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  1. ThyWordisTruth

    The apes

    He didn’tevolve from apes. He is an ape, along with chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans.
  2. ThyWordisTruth

    Does the Doctrine of the Trinity Matter?

    You missed out: ”And now, O Father, glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was.”
  3. ThyWordisTruth

    Can God create a rock too bigger than He can move?

    That question can be slightly rephrased as, “Can God create a rock too heavy for an omnipotent being to move?” Since a rock too heavy for an omnipotent being to move is a self contradictory concept, the question is semantically gibberish, although syntactically correct. Much in the same vein as a square circle. That is not to mention that the question presupposes a god (small g) who apparently has muscles and is subject to gravity.
  4. ThyWordisTruth

    The apes

    The evolution of the romance languages from Latin is something which happened well within recorded history, so there is really no debate there.
  5. ThyWordisTruth

    The apes

    The great apes are a subgroup of mammals, not the other way round. The five species which make up the great apes are grouped together because they are genetically very closely related. Even though we stand in a special relationship to God, my suspicion is that the objection some people have to being categorised as animals has little to do with theology, and a lot to do with emotion. So? Are we on to that old fallacy about a dog never giving birth to a cat? No Latin speaker ever produced French speaking progeny, but here we are today, with precious few Latin speakers in France, and all Frenchmen speaking a language which evolved from Latin.
  6. ThyWordisTruth

    The apes

    The family of great apes includes five extant species. Namely: Orangutans, chimpanzees, gorillas, bonobos and us. As a general rule, species will evolve so as to adapt to their environment. Therefore there is absolutely no reason to suppose that widely seperated groups of the same species will evolve in the same way, if their environments are sufficiently different. In fact they don’t, and if enough time passes during which two groups evolve seperately, they will eventually diverge to the point where they can no longer interbreed. At that point speciation has occurred.
  7. At least you are hedging your bets, and you haven't got tomorrow penciled in as the big day.
  8. You either tolerate religions you believe are wrong, or you have a civil war with the aim of imposing a Christian theocracy. Take your pick.
  9. ThyWordisTruth

    Religious Researcher Claims Rapture Begins on Saturday

    Oh well, only three days before another end-of the-worlder is looking completely stupid. Don't they ever learn their lesson?
  10. ThyWordisTruth

    When they said the CofE was conservative....

    So the Anglican church should be called the Church of God, the Catholic church should be called the Church of God, the Baptist church should be called the Church of God, the Methodist church should be called the Church of God, the Presbyterian church should be called the Church of God, and all within a few streets of one another. It could start to get a bit confusing, couldn't it?
  11. ThyWordisTruth

    Why believe in objective morals?

    Incomplete knowledge of something - objective morality in this case - may give rise to disagreement, but it does not imply that the something in question doesn't exist. If the Judeo-Christian God exists, objective morality follows as a necessary consequence.
  12. ThyWordisTruth

    The Left Just Killed Shakespeare 

    By American standards, I suppose I am a leftie, but it increasingly seems as if the lunatics have got hold of the keys to the asylum.
  13. ThyWordisTruth

    On evolution and fraud

    Pretty much. And they don't like it, so it can't be true, can it?
  14. ThyWordisTruth


    Is a tax fausdster Young Earth Creationism's leading intellectual? It certainly seems like it.
  15. And maybe 1% will still consider themselves Christians a week from now. Even that might be optimistic if what happened when I was still a schoolboy in the sixties is anything to go by. Some girls went to a Billy Graham rally. The following day they had "converted," the day after that it was wearing off a bit, and the day after that it had gone. Evangelicals need to get it out of their head that evangelism is an exercise in mass marketing. Buy this brand of soap powder, or god, because it washes whiter.