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  1. Sheilah

    Saying Grace?

    My mother used to tell me to be grateful everyday for the things that I want to experience the next day, and this has caused me to create a habit of saying thanks before every meal that I eat every single day. It has become a habit that I do without even thinking about it, and every time I'm about to put something in my mouth, I will say a quick 'thank you' in my heart.
  2. Sheilah

    No God?

    Thank you so much for the link, theophilus. I really appreciate it. As I said, I am still in that phase where I'm trying to understand this topic myself, so I may not be able to articulate things properly just yet, but I can safely say that even though I don't quite understand it all, I have used those same principles to create amazing change in my life and that's why I believe in those principles of the Law of Attraction. I don't understand electricity but I can still benefit from turning on the light, just as I don't have to understand the complex workings of my optic nerves in order to be able to benefit from my sense of sight. In the same way, I don't have to understand everything to do with Religion or even Law of attraction to be able to use those principles to my advantage and to create a happy and fulfilled life. Having said that, I'm always eager to hear different viewpoints on the subjects.
  3. Sheilah

    Tv Churches

    I think if something has the power to help people then we can't label it as bad just because a few people decide to take advantage of it and abuse it to suit themselves. Think of all the sick and elderly people that these churches help, and anyone else who can't make it to church for one reason or another. Taking away these broadcasts doesn't necessarily mean more people would go to church but it does mean that anyone who is currently benefiting from them will suffer from the loss.
  4. Sheilah

    Building a Website for my church

    It looks really great. The design is clean and navigation is easy to use. All in all, it's very well put together. I do agree that if you're creating a blog then Wordpress is the way to go. It's super-easy to use and the plugins will help make the work lighter - from scheduling your posts to making sure that your SEO is up to speed.
  5. Sheilah

    Would you date a physically disabled person?

    I've never actually considered physical attributes when deciding whether or not to date someone. If you took a look at all the people I've dated in the past few years, you would be hard pressed to find what they all have in common! I usually fall for people based on the things that we have in common like my hobbies (I love puzzles), writing and so on. Of course I do have other hobbies like ballroom dancing that I would like to share with whoever I'm dating, but it's not a deal-breaker if they can't do that with me. We would obviously find plenty other things to do together.
  6. Sheilah

    No God?

    I am loving this discussion. There is so much I've always wanted to understand about God and how one would explain his presence to someone who doesn't believe in him. I find it hard to articulate some of the things even though I do understand them. I've been learning about the Law of Attraction, and my current area of study is the link between that and the bible and how they define 'god' in different ways but it's actually the same thing both are talking about.
  7. Sheilah

    Stranger Things

    I am a fan of all things sci-fi and although I'd never heard of this series until now, I'm starting to think that it might be worth checking out. From what I'm reading here, it sounds like a really exciting and addictive show with great reviews from those who've seen it. I'll be back here to share my own review after I see at least the first few episodes.
  8. Sheilah


    Judging by the date on this thread, the movie must be quite old, but I haven't seen it either. I love Tom Hanks' performance in a lot of his older films, but I have to say that I've been disappointed by him in recent years when it comes to being a role model and mentor to the people who actually look up to him. That may have something to do with why I didn't bother seeing this particular movie...
  9. Thanks for your responses. I see your point about people living longer, but even when you factor all of that in, more and more diseases are popping up. Just when we had cured polio and other diseases, now there is AIDS and cancer and others. That's the point I was trying to make.
  10. I hope I'm not offending anyone here. If I am please let me know. I'll try to answer your question the best way I can, but I don't claim to be right, I'm just expressing my belief and my experience. First of all I'll respond to @Trist . Do you know how a hunger striker can undergo physical pain, yet transform the experience into moral pleasure by focusing on the positive impact of calling the world's attention to a worthwhile goal? Couldn't the same principle apply in your case - where you may be experiencing a less than ideal physical experience yourself, but maybe it's made you stronger and more competent now than ever before, and you're in a position to use your experience to counsel or help others like you? Each of us has the power of choice, and the secret to a successful and happy life (no matter your circumstances) is learning how to use pain and pleasure to your advantage. I would suggest you read the book Giant Steps, by Anthony Robbins. It will explain this in more detail. On the issue of the 'evidence' that I've seen @theophilus - I have seen the evidence in my own life. A mentor of mine once told me that life will always prove your beliefs to you, and it has been true in my life. I set out to prove it to myself and I did. It's like the story of the wise man at the city gate. A traveler walks up to him and asks, "I want to move to this city. What are the people here like?" And the old man says, "What are the people in the city you left like?" The man says "Well, they are all horrid people and I was miserable there." The old man says to the man, "You're going to be miserable here, too. The people here are also horrible." The man leaves, and a few moments later another traveler walks up to the old man and asks, "What are the people here like?" The old man asks him the same question as the previous traveler and this one replies, "Well, the people in the city I just left are good and kind and very helpful. I loved living there." The old man says to the man, "Then you will love living here, because the people here are good, kind and helpful, too!" As for you last question, I could answer it, but I think that it will spark a bigger discussion that will take us away from the topic of this thread. I would be happy to respond on a new thread, though. I'm eager to hear what you have to say on the matter.
  11. Sheilah

    Is Honesty Dead?

    I mean God (In this case) I guess I'm too used to speaking with people of all kinds of different 'beliefs' that I've been conditioned to not 'specify' when talking about things like this. In the above comment by higher self I meant something that is bigger than you, which in this case is God - so being in alignment with the commandments of God...
  12. I think that life is meant to be fun because I have seen the evidence that we are spiritual beings who came to this planet to experience life in a physical way. We were worthy before we got here, and we are not here to 'prove' our worthiness in my opinion but to experience bliss - to live, to love and to feel joy, abundance and all the other good things we want to experience in life. Why else would we have been told "Ask and it shall be given?" Who would ever ask for anything other than a rich, full and productive life?
  13. Do you think that it's possible to love the things that we believe we should hate in our world? Some subscribe to the idea that if you hate something you give it more fuel - for example, our war on terror has produced more terror. Our war on drugs, racism and so on has produced more of these things. There are more hospitals in the world today than ever before, and yet more people are sicker today than ever before. What do you think about this? Could we make this all better by learning to love the things we think we should hate?
  14. Some people stop going to church because they get judged there. I would assume that church-going christian people would be among some of the least judgmental people on the planet, but I guess that isn't always the case. Also, this 'God is Wrath' message that some ministers preach... If you make God out to be someone scary who will toss you into pits of everlasting fire if you follow your human desires then you're going to lose a lot of people who inherently know that life is meant to be fun and love is the order of the universe.
  15. Sheilah

    Is Honesty Dead?

    The society that we live in now promotes dishonesty from people - from the way they look physically, the way they dress and the way they behave in public - authentic people don't get recognition anymore. Case in point - Lady Gaga. I'll bet if you met the real person beneath all that make up, hair and clothes, you wouldn't know her. Our kids are learning to be the same and some think that it's 'cool' to pretend to be something you're not. In fact most people are putting more importance on how other people respond to them rather than how much in alignment with their higher self they are.
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