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Liberal pacifism’s lie

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By Michael Fowler


Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” Whereas pacifism—as promoted by Leo Tolstoy, the moral hero of the left—demands that good men do nothing even in the face of genocide.


Liberal pacifism is subversive theology designed to disarm Christians from ethics. It is rhetoric expounded to Christians not to fight against evil by people who reject Christianity, rather than a moral code. Christians can and must fight when fighting is more ethical than not fighting. It was ethical to fight the Nazi's to free the world from Hitler’s jack-booted brutality; it was ethical to fight the North Vietnamese Army to prevent the killing and enslavement of millions of Vietnamese.


When the history of the Liberal pacifists is examined all that is seen is blood. Anti-war activists successfully protested and forced the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Vietnam that resulted in the killing of 1.4 million Vietnamese by Ho Chi Min’s forces. Vietnamese “boat people” were dying in the Pacific, while President Jimmy Carter did nothing. As Serbians attempted to fight off the Islamic Crusade, the left made up false reports of genocide, needlessly destroyed bridges, hospitals, and defended the bombing on Easter. When American Forces freed Kuwait from Saddam, the pacifists cried foul. Iraqis were freed from Saddam’s genocide of over 400,000 and leftists wanted the United States to pull out and leave them to the wolves as President Barack Obama’s administration is doing as we speak. Yes, they are pacifists, with other people’s blood.


Fr. Stanley S. Harakas, dean emeritus of Holy Cross School of Theology in Boston stated, “The just war theory holds that war is an evil, and seeks to make it less so.” This was Patrick Henry’s appeal in his Give me Liberty or Give me Death speech, “Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace-- but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! …Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle?” When war exists, fighting it or standing in ethical opposition to it is to reduce its effects. To prove this, I need only submit millions of Russian Orthodox corpses killed by those who earlier extorted Tolstoy’s pacifism. Moral authority cannot be claimed when standing aside in permissiveness to allow murder.


Liberal pacifism is the soothing lie of communists who know that so long as people still believe in God and ethics, communism cannot win. They have learned that killing millions will not effectively change culture. They now believe that the best way to change culture is to corrupt its theology rather than eliminate it outright, because man is a “religious animal.”


Pacifism cannot be justified from Christian ethics, so they corrupt them. Pacifists will point to the Old Testament teaching of “Thou shall not kill.” Yet, they show themselves hypocrites when three pages later the explanation of the law is, "Anyone who curses his father or mother must be put to death.” (Exodus 21:17), a law they will reject. Thus, “Thou shall not kill” refers to murder and manslaughter.


Pacifists proclaim, “Turn the other cheek” as Christ taught. Christ also approved of the Law of Moses, and when Roman soldiers confronted him and asked the open question, “What about us?” He did not tell them to lay down their weapons of war and killing, rather “your pay is enough,” do not use extortion. (Luke 3:14) When Christ says turn the other cheek, this is not permission to allow others to murder, rape and pillage, nor is it the end of civil authority.


Liberal pacifism is not the pacifism of Quakers who refuse to be involved and separate from society. Quakers believe in the totality of scripture. Whereas Liberals only use “thou shall not kill” as the one law they wish to use to fetter all that resist them. Meaning “thou shall not kill me.”


The faith of a Liberal pacifist is one who has abandoned all of God’s tenets and adopted the law of witchcraft, “harm none, and do what thou will.” They erroneously assert themselves as the highest moral authority and above Christianity because “small-minded Christians still believe in killing. Therefore we, the pacifists, are superior in our morals;” morals that only extend as far as their own noses.


Pacifism of liberals is merely a weapon to disarm their opponents in order to take control of the levers of power. They are not truly interested in morals but in the acquisition of power over the people. How else can their actions be justified? Thinking that liberals believe in pacifism is as foolish as Neville Chamberlain’s belief in Adolf Hitler’s peace treaty. Pacifism as preached by liberals is only a seduction to allow the promulgation of evil, whereas love as preached by Christians is to destroy evil.

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