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Yes, it is proper to worship the Lord Jesus Christ

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There is a plethora of evidence which demonstrates that the Lord Jesus is the proper recipient of worship. To deny and/or forbid doing so runs contrary to what the Bible so clearly teaches. In the Introduction I have supplied evidence that a Christian worships the Lord Jesus as God. This is immediately followed by several pieces of affirmations which establish that only God is the proper recipient of worship. The main body of the paper consists of "worship passages" being properly applied to the Lord Jesus. These are listed as they appear in the Bible. Finally, in the Appendix there are several other pertinent topics related to the theme of worship.

I have chosen a wide range of sources to cite in support of my assertions. These would include lexicons, dictionaries, commentaries and encyclopedias as well as several links to articles concerning the issue at hand. Some of these are quite old while others are very recent. There are a few passages in which I was unable to find any sources. In this case I would refer to the Greek words involved and/or the context from which it is found that would point to the Lord Jesus as being the proper recipient of worship. I welcome any other passages that I may have missed in this endeavor.


To the praise of our Triune God forever and ever. Amen.

Marc Taylor

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Lord willing, I intend to revise my paper in the coming months with corrections, more passages and more information.




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