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God's crew (how do you do?)

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welcome to god’s crew



well how do you do? Welcome to god’s crew! We started out with just a few but i knew we would inevitably accrue more than enough in his sight as an ocean view and sunset of gold and blue. Now we must review the human race’s need to be renewed by a reminder of who we all belong to.


It must be said that god is not dead and we advise you turn to god instead and be obedient and feel lead to follow god’s crew and be fed as i pray for these words to be read before you fall asleep in your bed or turn deep red.


You see god has set us all free so we can all see the beauty of his majesty and the ignition and completion of our destiny. So now we will be what we were born to be.


There’s no distance too far for god’s love to fill our hearts and know this is just the start of just knowing he will never depart and his love is endless for from him we can never be torn apart.


So what are you waiting for? Just come to us available and raw for it is then you’ll see love’s door spring open like never before!


So come just as you are for god is never too far even a star perhaps unreachable by car but i know you’ll be at the love soldier seminar.


So bring your loved ones for the advice given will render the crowds forgiven by christ’s salvation makes the enemy’s torment forbidden.


At the proceedings i invite you to be faithful and true for jesus is the head of god’s crew and so you will know what to do when you hear and see what is true which shall make way for a wonderful life-changing breakthrough. Praise god! Amen!


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