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Boneheaded Moments

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Some may call this "Pulling a Kevin." But let's share moments when we were not having a very lucid moment. I will get things going.


Back in 1997 shortly after I moved to Southern California I was working at a company as a temp doing record retention in their basement. Basically, moving some aging records into their archive, and taking their really old records out to be destroyed. Well, it was getting late in the day and I look down at my watch and realized it was time to go home. So, I packed up the stuff I was working with, said good by to the other guy doing records retention and headed out.


It wasn't until I was on the bus heading home when I looked at my watch again and realized I had left work a whole hour early. I quickly found a phone (didn't have a cell phone at the time), and called my boss and explained what happened and promised to make up the hour the next day.


Not exactly a great moment, but there it is.

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When I was in the USAF, there was an example of the boneheaded moment award. A woman weapon specialist, in a daze, I suppose, armed a 2000 pound bomb while the F-16 was parked on the runway. The bombs fuse by a piece of twine is attached to the Aircraft and bomb. When the bomb releases and the bomb falls, the forward plunger is spun until it arms. This woman, in her daze, I suppose, was spinning the plunger which armed the bomb like twirling her hair. With a click, many people ran away from the Aircraft and flight line.

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