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Muslim Disembowels Mother, Rips Out Her Heart — But That’s Not The Worst

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A California Muslim man recently burst into a rage, brutally attacking his own mother with a tomahawk. He literally sliced her down the middle before removing her entrails. However, what he did after he had butchered the woman who gave him life is too deranged for any sane person to comprehend.


Omar Malik, 31, was pleased to tell detectives that he first attacked his 64-year-old mother, Nailah Pettigen, with a hammer and a tomahawk, bashing her head in before shooting her.


The devout Muslim explained that Nailah, a retired school teacher and divorcee, had become addicted to oxycodone, which she was prescribed for hip and knee problems after having surgery, the Daily Mail reports. Malik justified his heinous crime by stating that she was killing herself with drugs.


During an argument in the apartment he shared with his mother, Malik claims Nailah pointed a gun at him, which he then allegedly knocked out of her hands with a hammer. He told authorities that he left the room and returned with a tomahawk, which he used to hack away at her head. He then retrieved a revolver from the closet and shot his mother in the back six times and once in the head.


The demented Islamist cut open his mother, making an incision from her neck to her cervix. He then proceeded to remove her heart and bowels. Nailah was found completely butchered, with her underwear around her ankles, Clash Daily reports.


But Malik didn’t stop there.


Malik told police that after he removed his mother’s organs, he masturbated because “he needed to be with himself and needed to ‘release’ after the event.” He admitted that he felt “good” about his actions, Detective Craig Gaches said in the court affidavit. He even went and had beers with a friend after the murder.


Malik’s father, Saladen, believed that something happened to his son ever since his return from a dangerous Muslim country.


“Family members told officers they had notice a significant change in Pettigen since he had returned from a trip [to] Morocco a few months ago,” Saladen said.


Malik has been charged with murder and desecration of a corpse, and he resides in Santa Rita Jail in Dublin without bail.


This gruesome murder prompts the question, “Was this an honor killing? Did Malik feel that his addict mother needed to die in order to restore family honor?” Of course, the mainstream media would never suggest this, since it would be “islamophobic” to even question the motive. In fact, they refused to even acknowledge that this was a devout Muslim family.


However, if honor killing wasn’t so rampant in Muslim countries, we would have no need to talk about it.


This is homegrown terrorism. It doesn’t take millions of migrant Muslims infiltrating the borders, although that works as well. It merely takes the devotion to Islamic ideology, which perpetuates the idea that violence will be rewarded, as the Islamic Prophet Muhammad modeled 1,400 years ago.

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