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The Democrat Party is Sick

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The Democrat Party is sick. No, I don’t mean their militant advocacy, with no tolerance for dissent, for killing babies, “reverse” racism, sexual immorality, more government control of our lives, and so on. I mean the state of the Democrat party presidential race.


There are 17 declared Republican candidates. Most of them are very visible in the race (about a dozen poll over 2%). They offer a wide range of views. That makes for a very healthy race. Then there’s Donald Trump spicing things up.


The Democrats have only 5 declared candidates. And, for now, only two seem to matter, Hillary and Bernie (the others poll below 2%). Hillary is old and very unlikable (and, too neocon for many Democrats). Bernie is a crazy old white man (very old, very crazy). Both seem easily beatable. Where are the big names trying to get the big office? Where are the up and comers trying to gain experience and recognition for a future presidential run?


One explanation I’ve seen is that Democrats are afraid of Hillary. With her viciousness and her influence in the Democrat Party, they’re afraid of being punished if they challenge her (Bernie is an Independent ready to retire, so there’s nothing Hillary can do to him). Maybe the Democrat party has become so overflowing with bigotry against whites and men that the most qualified members of the party think it’s a waste of time to run. I don’t think Bernie, a distant second, would even be a blip on the Democrat radar except he’s colorful enough to nab the anti-Hillary vote.


The Democrats have only one serious candidate, and that’s not healthy, politics and human decency aside.

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