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Facebook, etc.

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    Facebook, etc.

    Are you going to have a link to Facebook and the others? If you have it already, I failed to see it.

    Hi Strat,

    I plan to have social media share and/or likes in the future. The software for this current version of Vbulletin is rather limited at the moment. Not much has become available due to its "newness". I suspect there will be much available like older versions in the upcoming months. Lastly, before I add things to this forum, I'd like to get what is here working properly and learn it. I am pleasantly surprised at this moment with Vbulletin as there were only two errors that I can find thus far. Both are rather unimportant to the functionality of the website - errors are in moderation panels. For this reason I haven't assigned any moderators. I filled out a support ticket and see my submissions in the log of errors to be fixed next release. After the bug update release I'll inquire more seriously on additions.

    Besides Social media I'm also looking at a few other additions. There are mods that allow donating members to be automatically assigned different membership groups. Not to mention there are also other membership groups available for paying members etc., and different parts of the sites or additions can be made available only to them.

    Thanks for the suggestions, and in the months to come I'm sure the site will improve both in appearance and functionality.

    God bless!


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