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    Perhaps chat should show how many members are in it? So it'd attract more people there whilst browsing the forums. Because, the chat is a ghost town most of the time. And I'd love to see it more active, I quite like these forums.

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      I honestly came here to suggest adding a chat function. I can understand why it is a ghost town as it is sort of tucked away out of sight. I think chats are a great function if it is used how it should be. I understand that this is a forum however, sometimes getting an instant reply to a question or concern is more suitable than having to wait for someone to reply to your thread. Maybe in this case the chat should be a little more prominently displayed so it is more frequently used?

        Hi Mike,

        The old chat room has been taken down. We now have member to member chat, where multiple people can be invited into chat. Clicking the green icon next to the user name in this thread will result in a chat window opening and instant dicussion.

        God bless,
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