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    Just lateley I seem to be not getting notifications of replies to threads I'm subscribed to. I think I'm set up correctly to receive them

    Are there any known problems? If not I'll keep an eye on it and see if I can be more specific.

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    It still seems to be random as to whether I get an email notification of a reply to my posts. Sometimes I have, but mostly I don't

    For example I looked in on the post about Windows 10 and found three replies.

    I has no idea anyone had replied.

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      From what I can understand, notifications are sent to a mail queue. Notifications are then sent out in batch. If you do not respond by going to the thread no more are sent in order to not flood your email account. I will investigate in the upcoming week and see if there is a known bug and if the next version is scheduled to fix it.

      Thanks Bede
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