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    Please lemme know if the ads are causing a slow down in your browser. In order to help support the site's monthly overhead, I have implemented ads. Time will tell whether these ads are an efficient source of income for the site. I plan to run them for 30 days and determine whether or not they should stay or go.

    A couple of things, there are three ways to advertise on Christforums - we are utilizing Sponsors, Google Adsense, and Beacon Ads. To become a sponsor you may contact me directly to work out a monthly rate. Using this method, tracking is solely on your end. Google Adsense generates money by those visitors clicking on an ad, and Beacon Ads are sold through a 3rd party which allows an advertiser to track impressions and clicks if none are available to them (you can signup through them by clicking the "Advertise Here"). Please note, going through beacon ads reduces the end amount to the site by paying them 30% of the ad transaction.

    Mind you, if you wish to contribute to Christforums' overhead with no advertisement, please use the donations or subscriptions option on the main home page (right column) to make any contribution which would be greatly appreciated.

    God bless,
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