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Children Seized from Christian Family by Norwegian Government for 'Christian Indoctrination'

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  • Children Seized from Christian Family by Norwegian Government for 'Christian Indoctrination'

    Child welfare services in Norway have seized five children from a Christian couple on charges including “Christian radicalization and indoctrination,” according to a British-based religious rights advocate group. The children of Ruth and Marius Bodnariu were taken by Norway’s child welfare services, the Barnevernet, on November 16. The Barnevernet seized the Bodnariu’s two oldest children out of school without notice to their parents. Agents also showed up at the family’s home where they seized the two sons and arrested Ruth, who was taken into custody along with her husband who was arrested while he was at work.
    Children Seized from Christian Family by Government for 'Christian Indoctrination' : World : Christianity Daily

    If you do a search for the term "Barnevernet" you will find that this is not an isolated incident. We need to pray that the Bodnariu family will be able to have their children returned and that the Norwegian government will change their policy regarding taking custody of children.
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    Christian persecution is on the rise.

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      This article is terribly incomplete. Are all Christian children being seized by child welfare services in Norway? If not, why do some escape? What about the children of Muslims? Are they being take away also? What percent of the households in religious communities are being targeted?

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        Communists governments, as a matter of routine policy, take children away from their parents for education (indoctrination). As governments become larger and more secular, they become increasingly hostile to the idea of Christians raising children. From other articles, it looks like it's becoming common for the Norwegian government to target children of immigrants and mixed families.

        As an update, an appeal made by this Christian couple was rejected. The west continues to decay while Evangelicals are distracted by the middle-east.

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          Our prayers for this family have been answered.

          Norway to Return Seized Children to Christian Parents After Int'l Pressure
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            Good! The hold incident was a sham on the part of the government.

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              Well I am still a little confused on the whole story here. I was really unaware that Norway had such policies towards what they perceive to be "indoctrination". I think that I need a little more clarity here, though, and so I might have to go a little research on this whole matter. It is interesting, though, if nothing else, but I really hope that things are not as bad as this story really makes them out to be, and I would be a little surprised. Should be interesting, and thanks for sharing.
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