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Prayer Request for our Veterans

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    Prayer Request for our Veterans

    I forgot... . as I stood in front of the Veteran's Office early for my appointment. Men pushed carts past the office wearing patriotic clothing attire. Hats and T-shirts praising America, despite being homeless.

    I forgot... . I speculate that the people were collecting in front of the Veteran's Memorial office, because, perhaps they sought empathy, those who could relate and understand what they went through.

    I forgot... . it isn't about political or religious ideology. I am saddened that throughout my years that I forgot it is about the man next to you.

    What can one do besides volunteer to help your brother in arms and fellow Veteran? I volunteered to help out in the Veteran's Office, I start next month. I pray that this makes a difference in others lives. And I ask for your prayers that I may make a difference for the men and women that served our country.

    God bless them.
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