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Prayer for every cancer patient

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  • Prayer for every cancer patient

    Cancer is really painful and life taking disease. It has taken many people away from their families forever. Poor people cannot afford the costly treatment for cancer. I wish God bless all those people with health and make their life happy. I request you all to pray the same.

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    It is true that we need to pray all the patients of cancer. My uncle is suffering from cancer from 2 years and he is in bad condition. I want you all to pray for him too. God bless all those people who are suffering from pain.

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      Yes, we should pray for the cancer sufferers. We may not have endured the pain and suffering that they have going through but we have a good idea of what they are feeling. I have a friend that is presently suffering from cancer and she complains about the constant pains that she is feeling and she says that her body has become immune to the painkillers that she usually take and if she can't find any alternative that may work, then I can imagine how much more difficult it will be for her. My prayer really goes out to her and all cancer sufferers. May God please relieve them of some of the pain and sufferings!

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        We should pray not just for cancer patients. There are other diseases as well that are not curable, Alzheimer, or dementia, for instance. Alzheimer, or dementia patients are in such a miserable state that they cannot even recognize themselves. Two years ago, my uncle died. He was 94 years and was suffering from Alzheimer since last 5 years. He was in a sorry state, but his sons and wife life was equally in sorry state.
        We should pray for everyone who needs medical attention.

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          Well said luri. There are so many people suffering from various diseases. 5 years back my uncle died because of kidney failure and he was not even married by that time and he had so much to live. Anyways, we should pray for all those people who are suffering and I pray to god that they all get well soon and lead a happy life. Amen.

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            My uncle was affected by cancer not too long ago, and it was definitely an awful and hurtful experience seeing someone you love and care for suffer for months was horrible.

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              Cancer really is a devastating disease. Not only for the patient but for the family around them. I too have helped a family member with this disease. It's not easy to watch them change as the illness progresses. But I also know there are more illnesses out there. Therefore, we should pray for all of these patients and their families. For them to get healthy and strength for all so they can overcome this.

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                I have a good idea. Lets start a crowdfunding campaign for cancer patients. We will ask our friends and family to donate for the cause. We will also reach to influential people through social media. When we have enough,we will donate to the cancer patient who needs the money most. There are people who are dying too soon in absence of proper medical care. We should help them.

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                  A diseased relative of mine suffered cancer back then and it was devastating for all of us in the family. Since then, I've grown fearful of any of my loved ones getting cancer. I constantly pray that they don't because I don't know how I'll be able to take it. It's one thing that your relative is diagnosed with a disease that slowly eats them up over time, but I think the hardest part is knowing that he/she might not make it and will die soon. It's a sad thought, but it's just how it is. I'll pray for all the cancer patients as well, nobody deserves this disease.

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                    Originally posted by luri View Post
                    When we have enough,we will donate to the cancer patient who needs the money most.
                    How will you decide who needs it the most? If we start something like this there is a danger that some will pretend to have cancer just so they will have a chance to get the money. Crowdfunding can help if you already know a specific individual who needs financial help but prayer is more helpful because God can help the one you pray for to get the money he needs or God can simply heal him directly.
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