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Anti-Christian Political party in Power

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  • Anti-Christian Political party in Power

    Recently there was a message in whatsapp that is circulating in our country. It says, that the political party which is currently in majority in the parliament has decided to break all the Churches in our country by 2018. Remove the word secular from the Constitution etc. Please pray for the Christians in our country, so that they have the strength to withstand all the prosecutions that is coming our way.

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    What country do you live in?
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      Originally posted by theophilus View Post
      What country do you live in?
      Good question! Also are there elections coming up in anumapas2's country? Because that's when these kinds of messages circulate country-wide.

      Also let's not forget that these kinds of mass-mail (spam essentially) are usually misinformation by bored individuals. Never once have I seen spam-message conspiracy theories come to fruition, much less one alluding to the deprivation of a basic human right. But what they do is breed doubt and fear to the recipients, for whatever reason they have in mind.
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