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Do you know this?

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    Do you know this?

    I would be glad if someone in here can help me out.

    When I was young, I used to pray at a church. There was this devotional song that was close to my heart but now that I am grown up the lyrics have faded from my memory.

    I will try and type all that I can recall. If someone knows the lyrics fully, kindly supply the same. Here it goes:


    I will love my mother, father
    Sister and you Oh my Lord,
    For I know all will guard and guide me
    All through my life Oh my Lord.

    I may have replaced some wirds with whatever my memory served but thats all I can remember.

    I have no idea, but some Google-fu came up with a Bhajan (devotional song) of:

    In the morning, in the morning, I call your name, O my Lord
    I pray, O dear Lord, please guard and guide me all through the day, O my Lord
    I will love my Mother, Father, Teacher and You, O my Lord
    For I know you'll guard and guide me, all through my life, O my Lord
    I tell the truth and do what's right, Lord with peace and love in my heart
    And I know if I love and serve all, I'll win a place in your heart

    If that isn't it, then someone else might have better luck.

      :) Wow! This is it! Thank you so very much for bringing back the beautiful memories of my childhood. Peace be with you.

        You are very welcome.
        May the Lord bless you and keep you,
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