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Strong Anxiety

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    Strong Anxiety

    Please pray for me. I really need it. I have strong anxiety attacks which I could continue to rebuke, but it feels as if nothing ever happens when I do so. We can all lose our way sometimes......

    Please look into healing heart wounds, There are prayers and sometimes you will have to look for Christian delivers/inner healing in your area to go to. Google: Christian delivers/inner healing and your city and you should find one near you. Now they should always be free, but if you like you can donate to them. But you do not have to. Note: If they try and charge you they can not be of God. There is Generational sins and curses. We are born with that. And Ungodly Soul Ties, and Negative Expectation and inner vows, word curses also. These need to be healed. There are prayers for them. And also on youtube there is Mass healing prayers. There is a man named Mark Virkler that teaches people how to hear God. There is a video below...
    You could get healed here also. I did i sent my friend there and she said Amber it was amazing I heard Jesus and He said my book would be publish and He healed me also.
    I hope this helps you I never like to see people suffer. I am a sensitive cause of all the abuse I suffered as a child. I feel people suffering and my heart aches. The saying goes the people who suffer can actually feel the suffering of others. Google sensitive people.

    Take pen and paper with you. I got healing there I felt the warmth and the Love of God at the same time.
    A Stroll Along the Sea of Galilee

    you could get a healing from Jesus there also. Yes, God want to have a relationship with us. Did you know when you pray you can hear Him also? All you would have to do after prayer is ask your question quiet yourself and focus on Jesus and wait for God to give you either vision or Spontaneous thoughts. You will need a pen and paper to write down these Spontaneous thoughts.

    Here is a video you should watch well about 4 videos he let you watch one and then 2 days later he will send it to your email and do the others the same way.

    Free Resources - Prayers That Heal the Heart

    Home page
    Communion with God Ministries: Free Christian Books, Hearing God's Voice, Dream Interpretation, Parenting, Five-Fold Ministry, Counseling, Wealth, etc.
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      Mark 11:23-24 says if you confess and believe you have what you are praying for you shall receive. Don't confess you are having anxiety attacks, confess that they are gone for Jesus Christ has already given us healing all we need is to receive. For you to receive believe in your heart that you are healed.

        Originally posted by efrainsilva1 View Post
        Please pray for me. I really need it. I have strong anxiety attacks which I could continue to rebuke, but it feels as if nothing ever happens when I do so. We can all lose our way sometimes......
        Man, please do not lose your faith! Keep your faith in God. I am suffering with anxiety too. However, I have focused on my studies, practice exercises and praying to get courage to overcome any problem. Do not allow anxiety to dominate you. These things that I said help to overcome anxiety.

        God be with you

          Anxiety is a problem that unfortunately doesn't usually receive all the attention needed.

          I know several people who don't even consider this type of anxiety as a real problem.

          I hope this scenario changes as quickly as possible, meanwhile... Always hold your faith and talk to God. He is always there to hear us and help us.

          God bless you.

            Dear please don't loose hope. GOD is always with you. Don't feel alone. Share your problems with someone close to your heart. You will definitely feel better.
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