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  • Prayer for the Country

    After the election of our new President, the Death Toll in our country has reached almost up to 4,000 already just for the anti-drug addiction campaign. This is very alarming of course and it's kind of scary to go out alone at night because someone might kill you out of nowhere or you might get caught in between the war of the police and the drug offenders. Another possible problem that we are facing right now would be the decision of the president to make an alliance with China and Russia. I feel like they're cooking another world war in this scenario but I pray that this won't happen because a lot of people would suffer. We're not really sure what our president is currently thinking. He's way of dealing with problems is very peculiar and unpredictable. Anyway, I'm asking everyone to please pray for our country. We don't want another Hitler or Mao Zedong. God, please help our President and his subordinates to make the right decisions. Thank you everyone.
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