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Prayer With False Doctrine

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  • Prayer With False Doctrine

    Have you ever prayed in church with the pastor saying the prayer aloud and their doctrine is out of whack? It is worse than sitting and listening to false doctrine in a sermon because you are talking directly to God. What I do is to place the thoughts of correct doctrine in my head in place of what I hear that is false. God knows what's in my heart, but I think it is a signal to get out of the church and find a doctrinally correct one. The doctrine? Free will. The problem? He is praying for unsaved people to choose of their own free will to come to the altar (altar call) for salvation. Any Reformed or Calvinist worth their salt knows this is a bad situation. It is akin to RC's praying for the physically dead, only Arminians pray for the spiritually dead to come to life and seek salvation. Praying with false doctrine is as bad as it gets. I've just gotta find the right church. We are commanded to. This is where the Arminian doctrine brings about a false Gospel: free will. The dead can't make themselves alive physically or spiritually; only God can do that, and it is by His election. Any false prayer is a serious affront to God. And I know what to do about it. Now to do it... that's the tough part.
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