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My Mom Is in the Hospital

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    My Mom Is in the Hospital

    My mom is in the hospital with an infection in her leg that has caused her calf to swell twice the size as her normal calf. She isn't going to be able to work for a couple weeks after she gets out of the hospital. So I was hoping you would pray for her and that she would get the assistance whether it's health, financial, or whatever that she needs to get better and back to her life. Thank you so much.

    I extend my prayers to you and your mom, LeapOFaith89!

      Sorry to hear that LeapOFaith89. I hope she recovers soon.

        LeapOfFaith89 Hi and welcome to the forum. I will include your mother in my prayers. It's such a shame because Mother's Day is approaching as well.:( I just pray for her fast recovery and hope that she can get back on her life as well. I also pray for the courage for both of you to get through this tough time in your lives. With enough faith in God, you would be able to get through this and I'm sure you'll come out as stronger and better individuals.

        God, please guide them in this difficult time and please give them the courage they need to get through it. I know that this happened because they are faithful believers in You and that they will be able to have more faith in this trying time. I hope more people can support and help them as well. Thank you. Amen.

          I will pray for you mother to get well and that the infection would go away fast. Having someone in the hospital is a big worry, not only with the ailment but also with the financial burden. Some 5 years ago, my mother was hit by a stroke. I rushed to the hospital and was glad to know she's okay although the doctor said the stroke may paralyze her. On the next day, my mother couldn't move one hand, the doctor was right. When she left the hospital after 5 days, she had difficulty talking. And before a month elapsed in the house, she couldn't talk anymore. Now she is bed-ridden and being cared for by 2 caregivers.

          I hope your mother gets well soon.

            I proclaim healing on your mom that she may get well.

              Prayers and well wishes sent your way! I know she will pull out of this just fine. Make sure to tell her happy mothers day and say the Lords prayer by her bedside. Best wishes to you and your family. Keep us posted please.

                She'll be fine, don't be anxious. Put your trust in Lord. Lord knows all your and your mother's need and I'll pray that he's gonna fulfil all you need but remember first is his will and he is willing to heal your mother and help your mother in all aspects. In Jesus name, your mom will be healed and Lord will help you in all aspects. By Jesus's mighty and healing giving name. Amen.

                  God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I will pray that my desire be added to yours that your mother have a full recovery. It is in God's plan as to how He will work with your mom. He works where we need Him most, according to His divine nature.

                  God Bless.

                    God Bless you and your mom. Its hard to see our mother's not feeling well. They are the strong ones that take care of us. It is weird for us to see them not strong and productive. With medicine and the doctor's care, she will be up and about soon. Take care of yourself too. You and your mom are in my prayers.
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