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Jesus sends help

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    Jesus sends help

    We live on a high Ridge 100 feet above a small river. The ground in front of our home slopes steeply and every few years I have to cut back the trees that grow there so our magnificent view isn't blocked. I was trying to cut these trees by hand even though I had a chain saw. Due to age and injuries it was nearly impossible for me to use a chain saw. I wasn't making much progress. I had listed my newest chain saw for sale and a man came out to buy it. I sold it to him and as we talked while sitting on our porch I found that he was a minister and was also baptized in the Holy Spirit. He also owned and operated a tree service.

    I was amazed when he said "I'll be back out to cut that for you" motioning toward the twenty foot high growth blocking our view. I hadn't said a word to him but told him I would be glad to pay him. "oh no" he said, I just want to do that for you". I was thrilled because I knew Jesus had moved him to do this more than kind deed. True to his word in a few weeks he showed up and began cutting. The ground is so steep he used a safety rope all the while he was cutting. Thanks to him and the Lord that prompted him, we now have our beautiful view back! Thank you Jesus, thank you Steve for being sensitive to the voice of the Lord. That kind act a few months ago has encouraged me many times. If you are prompted to do a kind deed for someone just do it. It will bless you and them and they need it or God wouldn't have told you.

    God is good!

    Matthew 6:8
    Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.

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        They say if you take one step towards God, He will take two steps towards you. Which means, if you want God's favor you will have to walk towards God, when you start walking the path towards God, God will take the same path from another end and God's pace is faster then yours.
        I believe in God and I believe Jesus is always around us for us.
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