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Josiah's in the House

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    Josiah's in the House

    Josiah here....

    I'm 29 (well, in a few days). I have a Ph.D. in physics and work with a mostly engineering firm. I've been married about a year and a half now. I was raised Catholic but converted to Lutheranism (my parish belongs to the LCMS). I have many interests, one being theology and I come to sites like this for theological discussions. My goal is not to convert or convince (I don't have the ego for that) but I do like to learn and perhaps I can contribute to understanding among others in return - if only to share a perspective (Lutheran) often missing at sites.

    I'm active at another site (and will be staying there) but I'm curious to see what activity can be found here.... and what the discussions here are like. Curious if this is a community where I can learn and contribute to learning.

    Welcome Josiah

      Josiah, I have a grandson by that name, its one of my favorite Old testament Kings. You have been ambitious, to have a Ph.D at 29, so I say congratulations! I was 37 years old((1983) and was married with four children when I started college. I finally finished with two Master degrees in 1991. My degrees were In Theology and Pastoral Counseling & Care. I do understand how hard education is and what it takes.

      I look forward to talking with you.


        Welcome Josiah!

        God bless,

          I love the title, welcome to Christ Forums Josiah. You came to the right place;there are many opportunities to both learn and share.

            Welcome to the forum.
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