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    Hello..I am here on a recommendation of a friend. I have been a christian since childhood. I am not currently attending a church. I am interested in learning more but not sure exactly what or why. The concept of living out the faith is perplexing me. So I guess I am looking for a more personal meaningful and real relationship with Jesus Christ, just not sure how to get there. I got saved at 9 years old and have been wandering in the faith since then. I never was blinded by the "light" or had the moment that I hear so many people talk about. Yet, I don't associate my faith in Jesus as a side effect of my upbringing. Rather, because I have been tested over and over in life and it is the only thing that brings me hope, comfort and even happiness despite it all. Any way, that's why I am here.

    Greetings Id_Ego_Superego,

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