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Good Morning

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    Good Morning

    Good Morning Everyone,

    I'm happy to have found this forum and look forward to learning from all of you. A little about myself - I was loosely raised in Catholicism by one non-practising parent and one atheist parent. Being they were witness the holocaust and its fallout, I can understand how their views evolved and do not fault them. Through my life I had always felt separated from God and went a 15 year journey searching for him, and read about most every religion under the sun (except Christianity). I never understood how Christianity could be taken literally and thought it was made up of fables. Despite all my academic style searching, it was just completely illogical and subjective spiritual experiences that brought me to Jesus, and have since been deepening my knowledge and understanding of not only Christianity but also Catholicism. If I were to identify myself it would be as a Christian first, then a partial Catholic. Partial only because as I am still a young Christian, I still hold my knowledge and understanding close to my heart, and want my relationship to evolve quietly and personally, and not be taken off track by views I do not yet believe or understand by any denomination, not just Catholicism.

    Whew! Maybe that was TMI but that is my truth. God Bless you all :)

    Welcome to the forum Marie

      Originally posted by Marie View Post
      Maybe that was TMI but that is my truth.
      No, it wasn't TMI. :D It helps us to understand what you believe. Welcome to the forum.
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