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Interfaith Understanding and Tolerance

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    Interfaith Understanding and Tolerance

    Hello everyone!

    I am a Master's student working as a research fellow with the Religious Freedom and Business Organization. I have attached a link to our site below:

    Empowerment Plus | RFBF

    I am currently working an interfaith scripture index that will contribute to the growth of interfaith understanding and religious freedom.

    I am compiling scriptures from different faiths that match different principles. I have gathered several New testament scriptures per principle and need some feedback. If you wouldn't mind taking a quick survey, it would be greatly appreciated!


    Thank you and let me know if you have any questions or comments!
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    Originally posted by tlish View Post
    I have gathered several New testament per principle and need some feedback.
    I suggest posting the verses here.


      The verses appear with the principle on the survey template. It makes the process very simple for the participant!


        The only case I can see interfaith coalitions, business, etc is in fighting Terrorism. I see no benefit for a Christian church to engage interfaith missionary work. It would lead to compromising one's very core belief and doctrines. It would be overlooking the regulative principal in worship, and it would lead to bending a knee in front of an idol. I see absolutely no Scripture that supports interfaith missionary work, which would be the only type of business I think that concerns Christians. Because if it wasn't for the great commission, many of us would prefer to have nothing to do with the world.



          That is a great concern, however, did you take a look at the website? That is exactly the goal of the organization. To help people become empowered through their faith so that they stay away from things such as radicalization, terror, alcohol, etc.

          I hope this helps. Thanks for your concern with the project!


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