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    I just received a recorded message from this number: 518-889-9595, which I am understanding is a New York area code, saying I have been targeted by the IRS for tax fraud/evasion. The weirdest part about it is it did not mention my name, or any other particular information. This is most likely a scam. If anyone else receives a call from this number do not call it directly. If you have any questions on if you are actually being targeted by the IRS call the directly.

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    Be sure to report it.

    IRS Repeats Warning about Phone Scams

    Report Phishing and Online Scams

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      You aren't the only one to get a call from this number.

      518-889-9595 / 5188899595 calls (2)
      Clyde Herrin's Blog

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        I've gotten these type of phone calls before. They can be pretty upsetting :( Thanks for the heads-up! I always go straight to a search engine now and type the phone number in if things seem fishy.
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          Be aware of that kind of call, they might be trying to set you up, do not even bother on talking to them. I have seen that those are some people who try to scam you by telling you that you've been accused for tax evasion so they try to play with your mind and get you confused and worried in order to get all your information so they can screw you up.
          God bless.

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            No government official will ask for your personal information over the phone because of this. The moment any of them ask for you social security number drop the phone. I had a guy call me pretending to be a police officer from Texas.
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