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Mixed Teaching and Confusion

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    Mixed Teaching and Confusion

    I have ingested a lot of teaching that does not mesh at all and has caused some confusion for me. I confess I have been a little too willing and open to listening to televangelists and youtube ranters, radio jaw-jockeys and opinionated pulpit-pounders. I have heard many things that do not mesh and do not fit. I got swayed by hyper, emotional charismatics that felt like every goosebump or case of a gas was a direct message from God. I have been prophesied over and taught things like illness, debt, and troubles are from lack of faith. Some people in my own family believe that telling God how to run the universe will put everything back on track. I have had some scriptures pounded into my brain with repetition while others were never mentioned. I became so confused and upset because the more I tried to learn the bible, the more things didn't add up. It was like each scripture was a beautiful puzzle piece and I could admire its shape, intricacies, and colors, but I still can't see how they fit into the big picture. I have tried sweeping all the puzzle pieces off the table and reading the bible on my own, which I wish I had done from the beginning. However it seems hard to read without these mistaken notions, and things I thought I knew so well, tripping me up. Some of these scriptures I actually hear Kenneth Copeland's voice in my mind when I read them. "... pressed down and shaken together!" I approach you with all sincerity in my frustration. Do you have any advice for someone in my position? I can't be the only one who occasionally sees discrepancies between things I've been told and the things I am reading with my own eyes.

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    Do you have any advice for someone in my position?
    G'day bluebetta,

    Welcome to the fold!

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    I found myself in the same exact same rut some several years ago. I stopped listening to televangelist, and I stopped listening to Christian radio. I started filtering what I was subjected to day in and day out. I began afresh after some time by turning to Reformed Theologians, preferably dead ones. I say dead because their works have stood the test of time and scrutiny, and we know whether they made failed prophecies like recent Harold Camping, which you won't find in the Reformed camp. Matter of fact, wolves (charismaniacs) just don't exist in the Reformed camp. We have an entire section here on Reformed Theology which can be found in the Apologetics and Theology category. Other sites of interest that I recommend: Monergism |

    Take some time to browse some of the post in the sub-forum or pages on that site.

    God bless,

      First, pray before you open your bible that God will reveal His Truth to you as you unpack each passage.

      Second, look at everything in which the context it was written. That is the single biggest way people get tripped up is when scripture is taken out of context and twisted around to some preconceived notion of what they "believe."

      Third, find some good commentaries from Spirit filled pastors who are able to help you unpack passages, including the more difficult ones. R. C. Sproul is one, Charles Spourgeon is another (I may have spelled those wrong).

      Lastly, always remember this mantra: Context, Context, Context.

        A good Study Bible couldn't hurt either. Here's one that I really really love: The Reformation Study Bible - Christforums

          God is not the author of confusion, and the bible is written simply and plainly. I don't believe there is any passage in which its context negates the meaning a reader would infer from reading it today. I suspect that some people who do not wish to adhere to the 'strictness' of the bible, or to deviate from their own personal tradition, use the concept of 'context' to unwrite what is written.

            I would start carefully going through your sources to see how they approach the topic, is it all emotions and fluff or is it content supported by the Bible. I think when you first begin researching about God and the Bible, we tend to reach out to as many sources because that's what you're taught in school. You find multiple sources and then you come to your own conclusions. But like in school, you have to siphon out the bad sources and focus on the good sources. I like Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, Chuck Missler, and a couple others. I would stay away from televangelist because they kind of sell Jesus like a used car. Otherwise, I like Williams advice to read and listen to the dead sources that have survived the test of time.

              Thank you for the understanding, encouragement, and pointers. I am relieved to know my experience is not unique and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am looking at the wonderful resources you all pointed me to. I found a used study bible like William suggested, and have downloaded some Spurgeon sermons to my Kindle like Knotical suggested. William that song video you posted was amazing! I am very excited to have found such a friendly, supportive and helpful family of believers. I am so glad I discovered this wonderful forum. Your well thought out suggestions, help, and the kind responses are very very appreciated. I look forward to learning a lot while I am here.

                It is our pleasure to bless you on behalf of God, especially when it comes to getting to know Him better.

                Just remember, always test what a fellow believer is telling you against what the bible teaches. If it doesn't match up always assume the believer is wrong, as the bible is always right.

                  When you hear or read something which doesn't sound true then use the bible to find the truth. Let not the way preachers interprate scripture steer you away from God (. . . let God be true, but every man a liar). Many preachers are charlatans and others are being used by Satan to mislead Christians.
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