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  • Bless You!

    The thought we all had when talking to an uppity atheist who is offended by basic manners. This perfectly captures my personal frustration. He's a little risqué as a comedian but he nailed this one.
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    I absolutely love that very last point about the atheist ending up as a tree and getting chopped down, made into paper and having the Bible printed on him. That's fabulous. I don't like the F-bombs in this guy's routine, but he definitely makes some excellent points. Atheists seem to think we are weirdos and then they go and promote the weirdest beliefs ever visited upon a human mind. That, to me, is something of insanity, when you insult someone else's belief system and then yours is even sillier to begin with. I once had a similar conversation with someone who firmly believed her ancestors were dinosaurs. It's hard to talk to those people without breaking down in outright laughter, it really is.

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      You may want to find another copy of this video. Apparently the original host has either taken it down or restricted it.

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        I can only imagine how funny this must be. I couldn't listen/see the video either. Its true to point out how others insult someone's beliefs but theirs is evern sillier. Great Words there, Novelangel.

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          If the video doesn't work, you can find it on youtube under Dane Cook-God Bless You. I don't like the prolific use of cuss words but he nails the arrogance of some atheist. The ridiculous conversations you have with them while they so easily dismiss yours beliefs.
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