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Recommended book for singles - The Purity Principle

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    Recommended book for singles - The Purity Principle

    So, Randy Alcorn's The Purity Principle has impacted my life. It's a tiny book the size of your hand, and it delivers Scriptural sledgehammer blows to your conscience in the most freeing and wonderful way. I just re-read it, even though I've been married for six years now, and found it just as enlightening.

    When I was single, I struggled with mental sexual purity. Now, when I read The Purity Principle for the first time, I was shocked, because I thought I was the only one who experienced depraved thoughts in this area - yet here was a book to all the people just like me!

    Now that I'm married, I still sometimes struggle with mental sexual purity (which is why I re-read it a few weeks ago.)

    It's an easy and short read - and if you feel like maybe you don't want to read it, that could be a sign that you need to. If you want to have a pure mind yet are in love with sinful desires, this book is like a bucket of ice water conviction. It's not about making you feel guilty (you already know it's wrong in your heart.) It's about practically explaining what impurity does to you, your relationships, and your God, and then joyfully exploring the tools God gives to resist temptation and become a new creation.

    Anyone else read this awesome book and found conviction in it?
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