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Prayer Partners

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    Prayer Partners

    2017, Kenya, Africa. There has been an emergence of a new crop of gospel artists in Kenya who have taken things too far. They wear recent trends, dye their hair, glorify money, their music is club bangers and their lifestyle is to be questioned. Anyway, it is only God who can judge. So, one of the artists has had a certain girl in all interviews. It reached a point and he was asked to at least give a light. He said that the girl was his prayer partner. That, I believe, was lame. This is because, after several weeks, he came out clean and said that it was his girlfriend. I think that being in a relationship is not a bad thing as a Christian. But, it should be according to the Bible's framework. It should be clean. Now everybody is saying that they have a prayer partner whenever they want to describe their girlfriends. I think the term here was misused.

    People Do observe people's actions / looks and form opinions.

    As for Christians being in relationships -- God created us For relationship. Yes, good healthy clean relationships. A prayer-partner is someone who you pray with on a regular basis.

    Maybe a bit hypocritical?
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